Spider-Man: Edge of Time - What Does The Future Hold For Spidey? (Hooked Gamers)

After the relative success of Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, Activision is giving Beenox Studios another swing at the world of the web-slinger, with Spider-Man: Edge of Time. While the previous title saw the player taking up the mantle of four different Spideys across different times and universes, Edge of Time creates a direct link between the Amazing Spider-Man of the present and Spider-Man 2099.

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Corrwin2558d ago


Oh, and a plot directly ripped from another Activision game: Singularity.

ger1012558d ago

Wasn't this supposed to be a copy+paste of that Spiderman game that came out last year? Can't remember the name, but it had great sepia-tone/black & white graphics.

Liamario2558d ago

What does the future hold?
Same as the past. Consistently awesome levels of indifference.

js7262557d ago

I'm holding out a bit of hope for this game. At least the writing stands a decent chance. I never played Shattered Dimensions, though, so I'm not really sure what to expect out of Beenox.