Best of the Rest: 2011

E3 has come and gone, and the gaming community is left a little bit saddened by what they can't have now. Never fear! Gaming Irresponsibly has given you the best of what's left to come. Here's the Best of the Rest: 2011.

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agentxk2249d ago

Rage is the new DNF. They say it is coming but I think 13 years we may actually see a release! lol

blitz0x2248d ago

Ironic from the amount of rage that dnf caused lol

agentxk2248d ago

I see what you did there.

maskren2248d ago

id can do whatever the hell they want. John Carmack is a God amongst men.

agentxk2248d ago

Unless a new DOOM is on the books...

maskren2248d ago

Which it is. And he can still do whatever the hell he wants.I bet he could even backtalk Steve Jobs

silencedwriter2248d ago

Im gonna lose alot of sleep in Oct/Nov

blitz0x2248d ago

Lol no kidding. Still a ton of amazing games out this year.

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