Are We One Step Closer To Game-Movie Heaven?

360 Magazine: European publishing house, Ubisoft, has made its first tentative steps into film and television production with the creation of subsidiary, Ubisoft Motion Pictures. Though the industry is littered with the corpses of publishers who have failed to cross over into film and TV production, audiences and content have evolved to make the transition tantalisingly viable.

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abc12332588d ago

"You only have to look back at Square Enix’s disastrous big-budget Hollywood effort, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, to understand just how difficult the transition can be (and how catastrophic its affects, when it goes wrong)"

Advent Children ring any bells?

Dailynch2588d ago

That was different. That wasn't Square attempting to make a Hollywood movie. That was just to pander to its fans. something it probably should have don in the first place.

femshep2588d ago

first step to making a good video game movie find a director who actually likes the games and 2nd get a bunch of writers that worked on the game then put actors with talent in and boom

or what ever the people that did the silent hill movie did

bebojet2588d ago

The first step should be, DO NOT hire Uwe Boll.

femshep2588d ago

yes....except rampage and postal were awesome everything else sucks

BiggCMan2588d ago

Why not just make their games more cinematic? Play Metal Gear or Uncharted, those games are fantastic as games, but also feel like epic films at the same time. Everyone and their mother knows that video game movies turn out horrible, so why not just higher some great voice actors and script writers, and make your game and movie in one? Make sure there is good motion capture as well, and you should be good to go.

Dailynch2588d ago

Good point. I'm not sure how much I care about game movies, or even books and comics. Some games should stay just that.

AlienFodder2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

"Everyone and their mother knows that video game movies turn out horrible."

But isn't this mainly due to the fact that that the game developers and publishers usually are not involved enough in the creative process of those movies? I think that if they did have more power in that regard, those game-to-movie adaptations would stand a better chance of becoming a great product.

I think it's great that Ubisoft now has its own film division and personally I would love to see either a large-scale movie or mini-series with Assassin's Creed. After 4 games, they should have enough material do come up with something decent. All they need to do is to manage to satisfy existing fans of the franchise while making the product still accessible to a wider audience (pretty much like JJ Abrams did with Star Trek).

Hazmat132588d ago

cool. whats the first movie? lol