Arkham City's Robin FAQ - Not a Console or Country Exclusive, New Villain Also Revealed Rocksteady's community manager, Sarah May has posted up a FAQ answering some of the Robin queries currently circulating the web.

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Pikajew2464d ago

I really hate how they made Robin look.

Yi-Long2464d ago

... he looks too 'butch' now, and nothing like the Tim Drake Robin from the comics.

I LOVE Robin as a character (Drake). I just don't like this design. I hope they at least tweak the hair.

They made him look like a cross between the kid from Bully, Cole from Infamous, and Starkiller from Force Unleashed. I also feel he looks 'too old' and full-grown.

Robin should really be a teenager, not a buff beefcake with hooligan-hair.

Roozium2463d ago

A teenager with red and green cloths dont fit in Arkham City and its dark tone.

Yi-Long2463d ago

I did a very quick coloring and hair-altering of the original pic...

Yi-Long2463d ago (Edited 2463d ago )

I changed the belt and some of the shadows:

Wolf8732463d ago

Honestly I have never liked Robin, nor Bat-Girl. To me Batman has always worked best as a solo hero. I think giving him a partner sort of ruins that whole brooding image of his.

So this addition of his to me is unnecessary, but hey if they manage to tell a good story with Robin, I can certainly look past my dislike for the guy. But this look of his is really bothering me, his costume was bad enough with that horrid color scheme.

BLAKHOODe2463d ago

I like it. I just hate that I have to preorder from Best Buy to get it.

Quagmire2463d ago

At this point ill just wait for the GOTY edition

Merivigian2463d ago

I just realized they gave him a hood, reminds me of the robin from the new revamped Batman and Robin comics with Damian Wayne as robin.