PS Move Starter Bundle on sale for $50

XMNR: Jumping into the world of the Playstation Move just got a little cheaper today as an online retailer has slashed the PS Move Starter Bundle for the PS3 in half to $49.99.

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slavish32531d ago (Edited 2531d ago )

still not worth it. sorry played the wii and didn't like it.

LOGICWINS2531d ago

Thats actually a VERY good deal. I'd def buy it for 50 bucks...but no more than that.

swinesucker2531d ago

Okay this is 5x better than the shitty wii dude.

LOGICWINS2531d ago (Edited 2531d ago )

^^But it has no compelling exclusive software as of yet. Where the hell is Sorcery? No way I'd spend more than $50 for this.

fr0sty2531d ago (Edited 2531d ago )

Who cares if you can only play the game with Move or not? How does that suddenly make it a better game? Killzone 3 is amazing with Move, as is MAG, Sports Champions is actually a great game, and just about every game at sony's e3 conference was move enabled. yes, sorcery looks cool, as did the new game they showed at E3, but I'm more interested in the shooters that use it personally.

Whether you can use a standard controller or not shouldn't be used as a metric to judge if a move game is good or not, or if move is worth buying. It's whether move enhances the games it works with that should be the deciding factor, and in many of those cases the answer is yes. If anything, the fact that most of move's games are also playable on DS3 just speaks for it's versatility. I personally enjoy the option of being able to choose my method of control.

as for the OP... move is NOT Wii. They have similarities in the controller, but it stops there. In addition to the controller being way more accurate, you also have the camera as well(head/body tracking, voice recognition, video chat, the ability to calibrate on the fly by watching where the controller is as you move it). This places it more in line with a Kinect/Wii hybrid setup than just a Wii.

spektical2531d ago

AHHHH i wish i had money... i dont get paid till the 8th :/.. this is such a steal!

Bellcross2531d ago (Edited 2531d ago )

Aww damn it it's sold out already.

femshep2531d ago

got it for 20 bucks new im good

Godmars2902531d ago (Edited 2531d ago )

Might be worth it for the PSeye, with everything else thrown in.

But if I haven't bought it before now...

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