Are we too Aggressive with Battlefield 3?

For days now Battlefield 3 is highly criticised by communities of gamers. The post makes the point on the gamer's communities aggresivity.

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Tapioca Cold2400d ago

Stay off Battlefield BC2!! Al you COD sissies are now jumping ship cause you caught a glimpse of Battlefield 3. You're coming over, camping, and sniping and not playing correctly. Butt Out!!! It's a team game.

Your going to ruin Battlefield 3.


leogets2400d ago

Dice have done a spectaclur job. and still being critised. its all wrong. call f duty doesnt get critised this much and they release the same old sht year in year out. rediculous.

PhantomT14122399d ago

Call of Duty do get critised, actually more than BF3...

Hufandpuf2400d ago

DICE has always been getting flack even when they were creating BFBC2. Just check their blog site, it's filled with fans that complain one way or the other. The REAL BF fans want DICE to make the best BF possible, that's why it seems DICE is under heavy pressure when in reality the fans are like that either way.