Battlefield 3 vs Modern Warfare 3 Comparison Chart has put together a "Facts & Figures" comparison chart between Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 contrasting the 2 games.

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Canas20102584d ago

Shouldn't the engine say improved (BO,MW2,MW) engine instead of just MW2?

GMAnton2584d ago

Technically it is the MW2 engine improved as developers have referred to it, even if it was used in other titles. At least that's my understanding.

thorstein2584d ago

Yes. And IW doesn't like to "Name their engines" Their words not mine.

I do like the comparison chart. Much better than a screenshot comp.

hakis862584d ago

I stopped by here to look at all the "flame on" etc.. where are you?!

Stevo912583d ago

At the end of the day for me its gonna come down to gameplay, and multiplayer, I think we all know what cod will be like so hopefully BF3 will be awesome

Spydiggity2583d ago

Bad Company 2...but bigger scale, more vehicles, and better graphics...and prone.

as for modern warfare 3 having dedicated servers...MAYBE...on way that'll happen on console.

I_find_it_funny2583d ago

this chart lacks some main advatages that BF3 has over Cod like destruction and big maps

DeadlyFire2583d ago

Last I read of Dedicated servers on MW3 was its a maybe AFTER launch. With the game only launching with Peer to peer matchmaking crap.

quadalupeupe2583d ago

all based off the quake 3 arena engine - john carmack

thats why those maps in call of duty are small and use techniques to make it appear its large but you can never enter those far off areas or they'll use fog or cut scenes to give the illusion of larger areas

its old technology but they've added graphical enhancements to make it appear decent

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thematrix12982584d ago

I didn't know BF3 DLCs are coming on 360 first?!!

SlyFoxC2584d ago

they aren't....look at the picture again lol

there is a 6

and 6 is for MW3 lol

numbers 2,3,4,6 are for MW3

numbers 1,5 are for BF3

BeastlyRig2583d ago

Most likely PC first or all at the same time..

Istanbull2583d ago

I dont get the disagrees? I wouldnt say COD3 engine, more like COD4 engine because when you compare MW3 with COD4, there isn't much difference.

3GenGames2583d ago

Are you still playing your 2600 more than any system? Even myself being a retro gamer still plays my 360 100x more than my NES.

EDD2132582d ago

I don't know im a PC Gamer, but I also play occasional xbox.

JokesOnYou2583d ago (Edited 2583d ago )

doesnt matter BF3 Im sure will be a great game but I prefer COD style of gameplay...with so many shooters Ive started to cut back and only by 1 or 2 a year that I know I will get my moneys worth by playing for most of the year= still playing COD BO 3-4 times a week.

RedSky2583d ago


andreasx2583d ago

also used in CoD 2 actually ;)

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DoomeDx2584d ago

MW3: Leading Platform: None

should be xbox360

GMAnton2584d ago

Correct, they have come out and said that they don't actually have a leading platform and are trying to make the game equal on all 3.

emekcrash2584d ago

They always say that, and in the end the 360 ends up with no problems at all while PS3 and PC versions are infested with bugs and hackers.

DoomeDx2584d ago

Dude its confirmed to have the DLC first

hakis862584d ago

Agreed. That is one of the reasons why I will be trying BF3 this time, not MW3.

I hate coming into hacked games in MW2.. Couldn't they at least leave the game normal - but if you wanted to play hacked /modded games you had to download a patch or something?

Joe29112584d ago


I've seen more hacks on 360 MW2 than PS3 MW2.

JeffGUNZ2583d ago

It's obvious it's the 360, for christ sakes, they played the 360 version at E3 and they have exclusive DLC for 360.

This comparison is a little too early. They haven't even released any information officially about the multiplayer.

Both games appeal to different people. One is more tactical and the other is more run and gun, quick action. Both will be decent.

Spydiggity2583d ago (Edited 2583d ago )

Incorrect. if you scaled battlefield down to a few rooms and took out the vehicles and graphics, you'd have a very similar experience. Battlefield just ramps it up about 100x by adding scale, vehicles, bullet physics (bullets drop over a distance and you have to lead a runner or vehicle), classes, etc..

Dice should actually just take closed off sections of their giant maps and have a DM competitor for COD because the experience would just feel more solid.

2583d ago
Ice2ms2583d ago

@The Blind I have no idea what most of your comment is. First off WoW has not been hacked and there are no cheats for it, the only thing that goes on is peoples passwords being hacked and accounts either sold or used to make gold.

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ddkshah2584d ago

BattleField 3 isn't being ported from pc. The ps3 and xbox version both have their own ways of rendering the game. Here is a slideshow for the ps3 version
(it's the 2nd article).

BlackKnight2584d ago (Edited 2583d ago )

While DICE is doing a great job using the strength of the consoles, in the link you gave, you can see how they tried to take the directcompute work they did on the PC and translate it over to the Cell processor.

Call it a high quality port, which is fine as long as you do it well.

ddkshah2583d ago (Edited 2583d ago )

oh so you don't think mw3 is doing the same? I pity the fools that think that mw3 is not a port from the xbox version. Also go through the whole slideshow you will see it's definitely not a port ;)

hakis862583d ago

Thanks for a interesting link ddkshah. Maaaan I'm glad I'm playing games and not coding them :P

kaveti66162583d ago

"oh so you don't think mw3 is doing the same?"

No, he didn't say that. stop being an aggressive baboon's behind.

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KRATOS-PS32583d ago

strange that I only hear from people being hacked in MW2 on 360.

BlackKnight2583d ago

People don't get hacked. People modify their own copy of MW2 to allow them things like aimbot and wallhacks, and other such things.

Septic2583d ago (Edited 2583d ago )

Oh no you didn't! Xbox 360 has more hackers? In the 1.5 years I've played the game I've come across hackers on only 3 occasions.

On the PS3, I remember 80% of games being hacked. No lie! I think this was prior to an update being released a few months ago. Nonetheless, it was chaos. The hackers were even advertising hacks on the little newsfeed at the bottom of the lobby. I know someone who had his prestige rank reset....he was not pleased.

It was so surreal.

dontbhatin2583d ago

@ septic

cool story bro.

andibandit2583d ago

because you spend all your time trolling xbox360 forums.

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jdfoster002583d ago

You're a retard :) "We don't have lead platforms, we develop each version alongside each other. Xbox 360 is running at same as PS3." - R Bowling

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SKUD2584d ago

I don't know what im looking at. It doesn't make sense

consolez_FTW2584d ago

This chart is helpful and all, but who needs a chart to see BF3 will be better?

Ashby_JC2584d ago

Agreed. I think cod games are fun. But for me I will log more hours in bf3. What sets it apart for me is.... Vehicles and destruction!

bloodybutcher2584d ago

i agree,normally i would get both-cod is fun in small doses,bf has great mp-i just cant afford it this im going with bf3.

Ashby_JC2584d ago

The frost bite engine! imo puts bf games ahead of cod games

thespaz2583d ago

Yeah, cause graphics make a game fun you know. :-\

CaptCalvin2583d ago

The frost bite engine isn't just about graphics you know...

annus2583d ago

In a way, yes. If CoD had PS1 graphics would as many people play it?

And the Frostbite engine isn't just graphics. It also handles physics. It does the destruction, the recoil, the bull drops etc. They DO change how the game is played.

Imalwaysright2583d ago

Thespaz is right! I can name a shitload of sequels from previous generations that are worse than its predecessors: RE, GTA, DMC, FF, MGS, Tekken, Soul Calibur, Fallout, Oblivion... Graphics are just one part of the equation that makes a game good and it isnt the most important part of it.