City Of Heroes Going Free-To-Play

NCsoft and Paragon Studios have announced that their Massively Multiplayer Online game, City of Heroes, is going free-to-play with City of Heroes: Freedom.

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TomInc2254d ago

First lego.. now this one! Mental.

yen8882254d ago

I think they have seen how successful other free-to-play mmo's are. You ever think WoW will be free-to-play?

TomInc2254d ago

I heard there's a decline in subscriptions.. if that continues they'd need to consider the option to reel in more people!

Gran Touring2254d ago

I doubt it, there's still WAY too many people that still play WoW for Blizzard to make it free

yen8882254d ago

True and also they are part of Activision now and we all know what Activision think about free stuff that people could pay for.........

Saryk2254d ago

I like companies bringing their title F2P. I hope it works out great for them. But if it doesn't then the pool needs a little chlorine!

Chrono2254d ago

Another P2P goes F2P. Nice!

2254d ago