1C publishing director slams brick and mortar retailers

1C Company’s Darryl Still has been speaking about the state of digital distribution. He describes the dichotomy between retailer’s in-store stock levels, and customer’s demand for products as “quite shocking.”

According to the publishing director, the recent growth in digital distribution was inevitable: “I think of it as less a revolution, more a filling of a void. A new government coming in to a territory that has been pretty much ungoverned for the previous few years.”

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OhMyGandhi2556d ago (Edited 2556d ago ) that the CNN font that 1C is using?

on topic: dammit. I don't anything to say to this. weird.
I usually have an opinion. but right now, what I read makes sense, has very little against it, and the article itself,is written quite well.

Wow. I feel useless.