Five Games Perfect for the Wii U

Trevor Faulkner of Elder-Geek writes: "Below are a few examples of what games are absolutely perfect for the Wii U. Sure, a lot of the ideas will never come to pass and are just one wishful thinking, but just in case Nintendo is reading Elder-Geek (which I’m sure they are) I’ve unleashed the creative juices."

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Timmer2553d ago

A new Pokemon Snap? With the controller as the camera?!

You sir, are a genius!

matey2553d ago

The guy in this article is a wishful thinker he says with its HD visuals and 360 like graphics STOP RIGHT THERE THE WIIU EVEN IN ITS EARLY PHASE BEFORE UPDATED DEV KITS HAS 50% more power meaning 800 mhz gpu/4 core cpu at 3.6ghz is exactly 50% faster/more powerful and true 1080p/60fps is already graphically a few times over the 360 i mean i watched recent 360/ps3 tech demos and then watched WIIU and i have to say the zelda tech was twice if not more than any game on ps3/360 and was even better looking than PC what a joke the PS4 AS FAR AS MR ARMSTRONG AT SONY IS CONCERNED IS BEING TARGETED AT WOMEN AND CASUALS AND WILL BE ONLY A TINY BIT MORE POWERFUL THAN PS3 NOW THE WIIU SOUNDS EVEN MORE POWERFUL DOESNT IT.

Samus HD2553d ago

Good list
I give you an A+

Rosebudisasled2553d ago

I'm not sure what you're saying, Matey, but it sounds like a lot of words.

Most critics have made the graphical comparison between the Wii U and the XBox360, but that's barely the point of the article.

What we should be focusing on is Pokemon Snap. As in, where is it and why am I not playing it right now.

Ness-Psi2553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )

those are some of the ideas i had (copyright damn it) lol but they would be awesome luigis mansion and proff layton would be awesome on Wii U. just imagine the Witcher 2 on Wii U awesome.

@ Matey

take a chill pill dude your overreacting a bit, were all excited for this console just dont spoil it with that fanboy shit.

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