Lucha Fury Screenshots Revealed

Ahead of its debut on Xbox LIVE Arcade tomorrow, 22nd June 2011, Punchers Impact has revealed a new selection of screenshots taken from Lucha Fury. Lucha Fury is a scrolling Beat-‘Em-Up playable by up to four players simultaneously, and is also in development for PlayStation 3 and PC.

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Croash2585d ago (Edited 2585d ago )

It isn't in development for PlayStation 3 and PC anymore. The French studio behind it, Punchers Impact, was closed last May because of the Mindscape's lack of faith (their previous game, Crasher, was critically panned and the sales weren't great at all).

Even if Lucha Fury ends up being good, it's too late for the studio. But I find it hard to think the game was properly finished and polished if it's been 45 days already since the studio's closure.