Neverwinter: Game location becomes the focus of this year’s GenCon

The Neverwinter Nights series have always carried the official imprimatur of Dungeons & Dragons. As an official D&D product, it can rightfully claim to be an heir of all the “authentic” fantasy game lore and series of D&D. In particular, it uses the Forgotten Realms series. This is quite an impressive asset to have backing your RPG game brand in light of the scores of competing RPG series out there – Warcraft, Elder Scrolls, Dragon Age, you name it.

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fluffydelusions2556d ago

Yeah, I've got fond memories of the original.

R_aVe_N2556d ago

What they really need to do is get a top notice studio to work on their games. I love the world in D&D games, but they always lack on the content and gameplay aspects of the games. Neverwinter was a really good game. My favorite realm in D&D is Forgotten Realms. They need to do a lot more with that /nod.