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BestBuy forced Rocksteady to confirm earlier speculations that yes, Robin would indeed be a player in Arkham City and that the Robin we will be playing as will be Tim Drake, the third Boy Wonder after the original Dick Grayson and his successor, Jason Todd. So why has Rocksteady chosen Drake over the widely known Dick Grayson and skipped over Jason Todd altogether?

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maskren2586d ago

Just a heads up! It's Dick Grayson, not Greyson. Might wanna fix that before the rest of us Batman fanboys get all riled up :)

StickTwiddlers2586d ago

Stupid English autocorrect lol

I_find_it_funny2586d ago

there are more Robins than one? gee comics are too complicated

StickTwiddlers2586d ago

@I_find_it_funny Currently up to 5! Knowledge is power sir

I_find_it_funny2586d ago (Edited 2586d ago )

@StickTwiddlers, lol ok

" Robin is the name of several fictional characters (...). The first incarnation of the character, Dick Grayson (...) became the independent superhero Nightwing "

*clicks on Nightwing*

" Nightwing is a name that has been used by several fictional characters in the DC Comics (...) " !!!


Y U NO easy to understand?

-EvoAnubis-2586d ago

"Whilst the Batman: Arkham Asylum/City timeline appears to have passed Dick Grayson’s era as Robin, leaving space open for the awesome Nightwing to make an appearance in the future (we can only hope), it could fairly easily fit into Jason Todd’s time of donning the yellow ‘R’, so why skip over Todd and go straight to Drake?"

No, it couldn't. Barbara Gordon is Oracle in Arkham Asylum. That didn't happen until after Jason Todd's death.

labaronx2586d ago

thank you for saving me the trouble of posting it...

i would love a nightwing skin

-EvoAnubis-2586d ago

Me too. Playing as Nightwing would be SWEET.

BenjamazingUK2586d ago

Easily one of my favourite comic book characters. I hate the fact that he gets overlooked in gaming.

labaronx2586d ago

i agree.....

seeing him adjusting to the role of batman during bruce's situation- best way i can describe it- would make for an interesting spinoff game

unfortunately dick grayson gets the luigi treatment in video games

cyborg69712586d ago

And maybe the red hood could pop up in AC trying to clean it up. If they went right to Drake, that would be cool.

Quagmire2586d ago

That would be pretty awesome to have an Appearance of Nightwing and Red Hood in the story, that way all 3 robins ill technically be in the same game along with Tim Drake

StickTwiddlers2586d ago (Edited 2586d ago )

I had completely forgotten Barbara was Oracle in Asylum!
If Rocksteady really are staying true to the comics, then this would obviously explain why Todd was skipped over.

Have amended the article, Batfan :)

cochise3132586d ago

I could have done without robin.

no1phil2586d ago

It looks like he's just being included for the challenge maps. I'm still unsure about Catwoman being part of the main campaign. Would have preferred Robin or Nightwing. Even Batgirl lol.

labaronx2586d ago

agreed the rocky relationship between bruce and dick would have made a great dynamic like in batman knightfall, while they love each other, the too differ greatly when it comes to certain situations, like how bats treats other heroes with suspicion

still catwoman's story could be interesting

cochise3132586d ago

Yeah I'm confused about that also. It should be interesting to play as her if it's possible. At least she's hot.

Ukn2586d ago (Edited 2586d ago )

If anyone remembered, in Arkham Asylum, the Joker came over the loud speaker while Batman was in the vents for the first time (I think), and he said something about 'replacing your little birdie' or something along those lines. Which would give creedence to the timeline and includes a hint about Todd's death. Just saying.

EDIT: it may hsve been before the Bane boss battle xD

Merivigian2585d ago

Yea, I like to bring this up as well.