Duke Nukem blacklisting just the start

BeefJack: "Shocked by the PR Twitter threat to “blacklist” sites because of negative Duke Nukem Forever reviews? You shouldn’t be. Attempts to influence the tone and flow of gaming information to the public are going on constantly behind the scenes – and it isn’t usually the PR to blame."

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shammgod2405d ago

They are going to be blacklisting a lot of sites then

DrFUD2405d ago

While I don't want to read the exact article Microsoft submits to journalists put to press, I more often than not have a feeling I'm baited into reading a Microsoft ad just under the name of whomever is the author on the related site.

However I also don't want to read pure negativity just for the sake of being contrary with one of the sole purposes being that of atention seeking because that type of smear and BS doesn't fly either.

wallis2405d ago

Game companies can try all they want. Most of the time you can watch someone play a game and tell if it's gonna be shit. I've got a couple of early warning signs that a game is going to be a let down.

- They don't distribute review copies prior to street release.

- The trailer features hardcore rock music.

- Any mention of 'streamlining', 'casual gamers' and the worst of all... 'accessibility'.

- They've decided to fix things no one ever thought was broken.

- The devs or publishers start slagging off other game companies.

- A suspiciously peculiar dev time. Whether it's five thousand small delays, or a sequel that took half the time to make than the original.

Despite this though games still slip through and wind up as massive disappointments. Clear Sky and fear 2 are some of the biggest for me because they didn't set off a single one of those. It saddens me to tell you however that mass effect 3 sets off damn nearly every one of them except the last.

Aloren2405d ago

That's nothing new. For example, fhe french website gamekult was blacklisted by sony after they gave Heavy Rain a 6.