Next Street Fighter game to have customizable fighters?

In a recent interview from Gamepro, Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono touched up about how he would love to have customization in the next Street Fighter game.

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caseh2559d ago

About time some of these fighting games took a leaf out of Soul Calibur's book on character customisation.

Baka-akaB2559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

wont be easy nor likely anytime soon .

For starters there hasnt been a single balanced soul calibur game out there . (I still love the franchise mind you)

And while there isnt one perfectly balanced fighting game , some do try harder at it than soul calibur.

Ono is merely expressing a wish to tackle that kind of challenge , not yet hinting at something tangible .

The concept he talks about sounds nice on paper , but the reality isnt always that rosy .
We've seen a few not so unrelated example with mmos . They propose a seemingly flexible system where you can in theory pick up any skills and build your characters accordingly , while of course following the default traits of a previously choosing class ... tree , or in guild wars' case duo of classes .

However rather quickly a herd of player will just latch up the best of them , and copies what truly works competitively . Yes people will just pick that kick ass karate based character template with the best said of skills , as an example .

What Ono wishes for is possible , as seen with again Guild wars despite plenty hurdles , but will need some massive tweaking and balance work for a few years .

I'm just not convinced Capcom will gamble upon that yet for a game they'll just sell once at 60$ with a few dlcs , or even a few more cheaper iterations .

Well just get appearance customs , because everyone else will feaure it at some point

DirtyLary2559d ago

Perks and killstreaks are next.

Think about it, it would fit.

Burning_Finger2559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

How about a new IP??

They can make an action adventure/ role playing game based off RYU stories alone. He's interesting enough to make that happen. (similar to GOD HAND)

I still want OKAMI 2 though

LightofDarkness2559d ago

I'd like to see a new Capcom fighter that didn't rely on old favourites.

Baka-akaB2559d ago

I guess i could agree , but what's the point ?

They do have neglected fighting games franchises that arent sf clones to use ... Why add more and not fullfill their hardly used potential (star gladiator , darkstalkers , rival schools etc) ?

IF it's just for new chars , might as well just add them to other folds .

I wouldnt mind them trying again a true 3d fighting game however ...

Corrwin2559d ago

Wait! The next Street Fighter won't just a be a rehash?

Nah, 'never happen. Not whilst Capcom's in charge.

DeleteThisxx2559d ago

Anyone who thinks Street Fighter rehashes obviously doesn't know how to play Street Fighter.

New links
Double tapping
Frame trapping
Option select

Talk to me when you've mastered/understand all of the aforementioned. Just because they utilize the same characters doesn't mean it's a rehash.

The last Street Fighter before IV was in 1997 and they've had one disc update with plenty of new fighters plus numerous balance changes. Arcade Edition was DLC with a disc release for people who did not purchase SSFIV. Consider that a rehash in this day and age? I bet you play CoD and purchase each one without question.

Stay free.

Corrwin2559d ago

"New links
Double tapping
Frame trapping
Option select

It's a completely different game!

DeleteThisxx2559d ago

@Corwinn it's not supposed to be a completely different game... You alter the mechanics in a game to make it better/experiment you don't change the whole franchise.

No sense in bickering with someone who probably can't even FADC into ultra, I don't expect some scrub to understand core mechanics of fighting games.

maxmill2558d ago

KOF is much more advance than Sf so dont try to pull that crap

DeleteThisxx2558d ago

@Maxmill LMFAO, yeah...much more advanced. Sorry man, SNK hasn't been relevant in years.

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fallingdove2559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

If by rehash you mean the same characters from Super Turbo, then I agree with you. I think Capcom is going to play it safe and stick to a similar character line-up for 5.

By appealing to nostalgia they sold a ton of units. If they removed dhalsim, honda, blanka, etc. in 5, I am sure a lot of casuals would be turned off.

I would love to see a New New Generation though, Ken's Son, Ryu Becomes the new Akuma, Sakura becomes the new Ryu, a few other returning characters and a dozen or so brand new faces. 3rd Strike was so refreshing for a fighting game enthusiast like myself because it required me to learn new charcters and techniques instead of relying on the crutches of previous iterations.

Septic2559d ago

Hopefully they don't milk this with add-ons you have to pay for

maxmill2559d ago

how about they make it as enjoyable as mk?

Nah,its capcom

Ddouble2559d ago

Not everybody enjoys MK, but if you're talking about adding content then yea Capcom needs to step up and from what Seth Killian said in E3 then i think they're doing that for Street Fighter X Tekken.

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