Serious Sam 3: BFE Hands-On Preview -

Dealspwn believes that Serious Sam 3 could be one of the best shooters you'll play this year.

Dealspwn writes: "The werebull split in half. Right down the middle. And without losing momentum, the two severed sections merrily flew past either side of me, covering the screen and gun in blood. It was a demonstration of the advanced gore mechanics as much as it was a testament to my skill, but I felt like a vengeful, unstoppable God. And so will you."

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EditorAtGNG2586d ago

Loved the first two games. The third however was a watered, dumbed down version and apart from a minor graphical improvement, it had nothing new to bring to the table.

So this, is shaping up to be pretty interesting. Apart from all these modern day, scope-staring games, I would appreciate letting myself go into a murderous rage and that's probably why Serious Sam is still the best game to blow out some steam.

Looking forward to it.

WhiteLightning2586d ago

They really should of kept a prequel story for a PSV game and continued Sam's story instead of going backwards

Blues Cowboy2586d ago

I think that Croteam is too far along in the development cycle to consider a Vita port. Plus, doing a prequel means that they can put off having to deal with the idiotic plot of Serious Sam 2... which will require a retcon of titanic proportions.

If anything, the colourful art style of SS2 would actually would work well on handhelds, as well as allowing Croteam to explore a non-canonical story arc.

buckley2585d ago

This looks like it could be a ton of fun. I'm in.