Battlefield 3 - List Of Awards Earned

EA just updated with the list of awards earned by Dice's Battlefield 3

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2fk2467d ago

Im happy that BF3 got all these awards maybe more ppl will see imo that the battlefield series is the best FPS

MassOnesumis2467d ago

I am also happy for them. I think by making the Bad Company series they introduced many people to their style of gameplay.

I_find_it_funny2467d ago

There are many more to come. Great job DICE

Hanif-8762467d ago

It deserves all of them :-)

Trunkz Jr2467d ago

Just goes to show even more proof how even tho CoD series makes more that the BF series is quality made.

Raendom2467d ago

Call me a conspiracy theorist, but IGN 100% accepts money for reviews and articles.

Best PS3 game? Best 360 game? No. Sorry, no. GTFO IGN. You idiots.

gameguidedog2467d ago

BF3 is the new game to contend with even if they've paid off others for good reviews, the game looks pretty sick!

zerox5052467d ago

link is broken...i can't open it