Take Two's CEO Wants You To Pay Up To $40 For A Tablet Game + Confirmation of More Duke Nukem

Are you prepared to pay a lot more for mobile gaming? You better hope you are as Take Two CEO Strauss Zelnick wants mobile games to have a much higher price point, stating that he sees absolutely no reason why fees of $40 dollars aren't completely feasible. It's a bold claim for the mobile and tablet market, which at the moment sees incredible sales because of low priced apps and games.

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flipmop442559d ago

No way I'm paying that for a tablet game

GregoryAllen2559d ago

LOL, no way i'm paying that for Duke Nukem.

pungello882559d ago

40 bucks are you out of your mind?

rmoar2559d ago

Thank god someone is standing up for the big man and his lust for money. I was worried.

TheFodi2559d ago

Thank god someone is still going to make more Duke Nukem. I was worried that a crappy title after a decade of nothing would make people think that Duke Nukem wasn't a great game. Thank god.

trickshotdrums2559d ago

This guy is an absolute moron. I know that I'm not alone when I admit that I toss and turn about spending even $1 on an app or game, let alone $40. Affordability is one of the key factors that entices people to download mobile games. That's also the reason that certain app stores have "free" sections. Forgive me when I say, "Get a clue."

I'll take my $40 and spend it on a game I can actually play comfortably in reasonable conditions... on a console or computer. You money-hungry dirtbags can waste your cash on paying development teams to make games no one will buy and/or pay for. Good luck with that.