PS Vita to launch in November and games listed for £39.99 RRP?

A retailer in UK seems to know a lot more than us about the release date of PS Vita as well as the games official retail price.

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jdfoster002402d ago

PS Vita to launch in November and games listed for £39.99 RRP? Sony already answered this question for you in the article...

DarkCharizard_2402d ago

Sony is looking to directly compete with Nintendo this time around...

Kurisu2402d ago

Yea, and hopefully that means software will be more in line with the 3DS software, too!

2fk2402d ago

i feel like im going to spend around $500 from october through december =/

richierich2402d ago

I would too if I was rich lol

Laika2402d ago

Dude, i know how you feel. Me and my bro are goin to have to collectively murder our own wallets if we wanna play all the awesome games coming this fall AND get the PSV... its gonna be bitter sweet

Thecraft19892402d ago

Shopto always do this .....................

DigitalRaptor2402d ago


People seem not to be able to understand the concept of a placeholder...

guitar_nerd_232402d ago

I wish.... March 2012 is more realistic though.

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