Confirmed: No More Operations Maps For Killzone 3

Guerrilla Games have just confirmed to Gamesthirst that there will be no more Operations maps for Killzone 3.

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AKissFromDaddy2559d ago

8 maps for $9.99 is better than 5 maps for $14.99.

an0nym0us2559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

That's not the point... the new maps only support one game mode (less value), and for some reason GG didn't separate the game modes from warzone, which got less chaotic (more boring) due to smaller maps and less players, and this game isn't even fun tactical wise. Also some of the maps are ports from Killzone 2.

AKissFromDaddy2559d ago

Yeah.......I know......but the price is just right, lol

Bonobo123452559d ago

Erm, ports? yeah they are the same map but they have been made amazing, plus true killzone players love those maps anyway..

I am miffed that some maps are Guerilla warfare only, but realistically those maps would suck with full scale warzone, as they are too small.
GG should have limited players on those maps but kept the warzone objectives...

It is a Fun game tactically, But you have to have an able team... Best games are played amongst the pro's, You will hate it if your with noobs..

BattleAxe2558d ago

GG has dropped the ball so hard with Killzone 3. They didn't put enough content on the disc when the game released, and why they would come out with a really fun game mode and not support it after release doesn't make any sense. It would be nice if they could figure out a way to integrate the additional maps into the map rotation, kinda like...oh I don't know...Call of Duty?

KeiserSosay47882559d ago

I quit playing due to the ridiculously overpowered marksman class and this right here...Why would you not support, arguably, the most favored game mode in the MP portion of this game? They didn't ever add the server browser, did they? I don't really know because I quit playing after the first map pack released with mode exclusive maps

molsen812559d ago

I would love to get back into KZ3 MP, but I haven't been motivated. Maybe new maps will do the trick.

DA_SHREDDER2559d ago

8 maps in a span of 6 months, sorry but i got sick of playing the same 8 maps (excluding the retro map pack) and the limitations of playing them( you couldn't play every map for every game mode) in the first month of getting the game. I do like how they fixed alot of the issues from KZ2, but the lack of variety really killed the experience for me. The game should have launched with 15 maps, all of them should have had the operations mode attached to them. Guerrilla Games were on the right track , maybe if they had more time, and released it this winter they could have added more value to the game. Next.

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paladinaz2559d ago

I have highway and turbine. Both maps are for snipers and it is very hard to regain tactical points.

The Killzone 3 got some elements from COD and other non-tactical FPS but saved some tactical elements and now we have a messy hybrid.

trenso12557d ago

exactly why i sold my copy of kz3 and stuck to kz2 to get my plat, just couldnt play it anymore.

BabyTownFrolics2559d ago

the point is that there are no more operations maps, and I personally find operations gametype to be the most enjoyable multiplayer gametype in the entire game.

same thing happened in Uncharted 2

spektical2559d ago

operations is really fun, shame they wont make anymore.

KingDustero2558d ago

Very true. IMO the mode had a LOT of potential and should have been a bigger focus during development.

I'm glad Uncharted 3 though is make sure to have the cinematic experience in EVERY map and most likely every gamemode (both cutscenes and set piece moments). That way it doesn't end up like Operations in KZ3.

However GG really dropped the ball IMO.

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