Mortal Kombat Season Pass & Skarlet Now Available

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and NetherRealm Studios has today released the recently revealed Mortal Kombat Season Pass on Xbox LIVE. The Mortal Kombat Season Pass offers Mortal Kombat fans an added incentive to buy all four new downloadable content (DLC) warriors at one time for a reduced price instead of when purchasing them individually.

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Legionaire20052560d ago

Scarlet yeahh!!! Scarlet Johansson in a movie role in Mortal Kombat reboot wishful. She did her own stunts in Iron Man 2 for those who didn't know.

EazyC2560d ago

*Thinks of possible outfits*

Yes, this would be a good choice so we could admire her, ugh..... acting!?....

acemonkey2560d ago

its just cheaper to go the Pass route... When they fix the lag it be worth it