New Cammy, Hwoarang, Julia and Sagat screens for Street Fighter X Tekken

Several new screenshots have been released for Street Fighter X Tekken, featuring Cammy and Sagat from the Street Fighter franchise in addition to Hwoarang and Julia from the Tekken series.

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beast242tru2465d ago

cnt wait to play this on my ps3 and cross play on vita im saving my money now for one

Quagmire2465d ago

Question is, if you buy the PS3 version, do you have to purchase the PSV version, or will the bundled together, or discounted, or what?

mafiahajeri2465d ago (Edited 2465d ago )

Im pretty sure they will be seperate, I cant wait to play this on my vita!

But you cant count on bundles of vita's that come with these games. Im thinking the vita should be bundled with uncharted golden Abyss that will get the Vita's sales to a great start.

jukins2465d ago

hopefully when its cross platform they start doing bundles or maybe a psn code that gives the vita version a heavy discount. that would be the right thing to do so it most likely wont happen lol.

ElementX2465d ago

How does this sort of game work? Do they dumb down the Tekken controls and remove some of the characters' moves? SF characters have fewer and easier moves to pull off.

jukins2465d ago

so far it seems that sf play as usual and the tekken cast plays well like tekken but in a 2d world. i think they're controls are the same as their respective game as well.

Kurisu2465d ago

I heard that all characters are playable at the start with the Street Fighter controls, but if a Tekken fan wants to then they are able to switch to the Tekken controls in the options menu.

jukins2465d ago

@Kurisu right. you said it much better than me lol. thanks :)