NeverDead Preview & Interview (

GB: "Neverdead is a third person shooter/action game with you taking on the role of the immortal character Bryce. Bryce has a back story that goes back five hundred years when he was demon hunting with his wife. After attempting to kill the demon king those many years ago Bryce failed, had lost his wife in the process while the demon king made him immortal by implanting an evil eye in place of his right one. Now in despair after everything he lost, he still works as a demon hunter for a secret government agency with a partner. This is where it gets hilarious; being that he is immortal his limbs can be dismembered with no issues as long as he retrieves them. You will even come to certain scenarios where you might have to throw your head on top of building to complete a puzzle as your limbs or head especially can be controlled independently."

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