'Bullying' retailers reject Steam-enabled PC games

Russian giant 1C has told CVG that certain "bullying" UK retail chains HAVE put pressure on game publishers by refusing to stock titles that come with a Steam client in the box.

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news4geeks2401d ago

Can't wait for the UK high street to die. Full of rats plaguing the streets and shops.

Substance1012401d ago

Retail what is retail ? havent been to one in 3-4 years. Steam FTW.

Kran2401d ago

Thats High Streetist!!!

KyRo2401d ago

You must live in the country side or some little pointless city that no ones heard of lol. All I see on the high street is hot woman everywhere and 'rudeboys' thinking their it.

Solid_Snake-2401d ago

@game/gamestation...try not selling PC games at £39.99 and people might actually buy one from you.

steam FTW.

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Farsendor12401d ago

really like steam its a shame that retail does anything they can do to get the game without that logo on it

AKissFromDaddy2401d ago

one piece at a time. Steam hurts retail but helps me.

Amazon does the best job out of all retail stores btw.

kornbeaner2401d ago

I wish a retailer would just say "Okay, see how that works out for you" "I'll still be here in 6 months if you decide different"

Ares842401d ago

You guys have no idea how hard it is for a video game retailer. I'm not talking about gamestop, though I hear that they are in trouble. "Bullying" retailers?? Get the fuck out of here. If anyone is a bully here is amazon and steam. Imagine those small mom and pop stores who's livelihood depends on their little videogame store. Also, they can't even come close to some amazon deals since a mom and pop store can't buy 10,000.00+ of the same game but amazon can so they get it cheaper. Also, amazon or steam aren't buying from wholesalers like mom and pop retailers do. If you guys want to knowa new release is $50-$52 wholesale. So you tell me how much profit that leaves to retailers. So shut the fuck up because you have 0 clue about how hard it is to be a retailer in video games.

Substance1012401d ago

Retailers ditched the PC along while back when they gave most of the space to console games. Services like Steam gave PC gamers an excellent alternative to buy games online.

Had it not been for Steam i think PC gaming would have been in a tought spot.

If the same retailers are now butt hurt about how good Steam and the rest of the DD have its their own dam fault.

Anyways they still have their console market, though that may not last too long either if next gen MS and Sony start releasing games on DD day one.

Theonetheonly2401d ago

HAhahaahhaha mom and pop videogame store, for some reason that sounds hilarious, omg I just had so many visuals for that trying to make it look normal but all i coud think of was this

only to 34 seconds, hahahah omg all those poor mom and pop videogame shops

zag2401d ago

Retailers ditched it because someone can buy a game, that's really just a steam release on a disk.

Install the game use the key have it up and running.

Then take the game back and say it doesn't work and demand a refund, get it and the store has a non-useable copy of the game that would be a post-sale item on the shelf.

Someone buys that copy and tries to use the key and it won't work and take the game back saying the use has been used and demand a refund again and the store would have to comply as the game can't be used at all.

That is the real problem.

Steam removes the need for a retail store, which for some is great but for others is a problem.

As some people can't or won't get a credit card or if they do won't use it online so steam is completely useless for these people, same if you don't have a net connection or one that has a decent speed or quota to be able to download the games, people simply won't use steam.

If the retail store does go away then the publisher loses the sales as those chains won't buy from them (so that's presales and shelf stock that's before the game is released) and people who wouldn't buy the game from steam but in a store won't be able to buy it either.

The other people who lose out are the people who would have been employed by these video stores.

Most stores have swapped to console games because they are all disk and while you can download some games many you can't.

Overall these retailers aren't killing themselves but more or less forcing publishers to stop sending them steam releases on a disk so they don't have to support another distributor at their own cost and to force them to be online
only releases.

This would mean 1C would only get money when a sale is made and not get a major bundle of cash when a retail chains buys up for all the stores in the chain.

So if a 1C game only sells 2 copies for a week then it gets $28 for that week, that is it and I wonder if they could survive like that.

Substance1012401d ago


Devs/pub dont instantly get a large chunk of cash for the goods that they sell to the retailers. In fact a retailer only pays for games that actually get sold. THIS CASH IS PAID TO THE PUBLISHER IN ABOUT 3 MONTHS FROM TIME OF SALE.

Any game not getting sold is returned back (the Dev/pub) actually has to bear the losses of the returned copies.

In comparison there is no stock for digital games, so there can be no returns. Anything sold on digital is PAID TO THE PUBLISHER WITHIN 1 MONTH OF SALE..

Also digital version of sale is atleast 2x as profitable as retail.

Here is a link for your reference:


Ducky2401d ago

"Someone buys that copy and tries to use the key and it won't work and take the game back saying the use has been used and demand a refund again and the store would have to comply as the game can't be used at all.

That is the real problem. "

Err... what? O.o
Don't all PC games have CD-Keys? You can easily do the same steps you described using a non-steam retail game.

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AKissFromDaddy2401d ago

There's no pity in business, so the best sellers win. The best should win(Amazon, Steam) and the rest should keep up or....move to another business before they die.

RedSky2401d ago

1 - Retailers add no real value. They distribute, that's pretty much it. If online (both physical and electronic media) can do it cheaper, all the better.

2 - There are no mum and pop videogame stores. Not where I live (Brisbane). There are chains that grossly overprice games though.

3 - On the whole though, if Steam dominates PC gaming too much, the result will not be good. Valve is a business like any other, if they get too much monopoly power they'll just jack up the price. They already trick Aussie buyers here by advertising US dollar prices but really offering inflated prices which are actually localized. Yes that specifically is driven by distributors but the point stands.

Pro_TactX2401d ago (Edited 2401d ago )

Video game retail, like everything else in the world, really just comes down to the law of the jungle. Eat or be eaten. Amazon and Steam are at the top of the food chain in their respective fields because they put themselves there. Mom and pop stores are the gazelles and online retailers are the lions. That is just how the world works. No sense crying about it.

ViserysTargaryen2401d ago

These same video game retailer abandoned PC games for lack of shelf space and profit and now they want back in because they saw how much money Steam is making? GTFO!

DeadlyFire2401d ago

I know its gotta be hard, but certainly not impossible. If a store doesn't want to put the game of the shelf or has a problem putting a game on a shelf due to STEAM and the CD-Key problem. Simply don't give refunds.

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