Early Warhammer games: why don't they make them like this any more? | Board and War Games

It’s hard to believe, but two of the greatest attempts at porting one of the greatest wargames of all time, Warhammer, are 16 and 13 years old respectively. Warhammer: Shadow of the Horned Rat and Warhammer: Dark Omen are both brilliant, challenging strategy games that capture the squad based unit management that makes the Games Workshop game so entertaining, with a real time strategy framework that made the games relevant to the computer game format.

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memots2436d ago

Thank you !!

Finally someone agree with me. Back then every rts had to be like World of warcraft 2 to be successful. This was was very different for a RTS but they did such an amazing job with balancing the unit and pace.

The story and mood/atmosphere was just out of this world.

I would love for a new one to come out.

Spenok2436d ago

Because old means outdated and therefore means it sucks. While I full agree with you and your argument, people are just stupid.

memots2435d ago

IF you still have a computer running xp i would recommend trying this game out. Of course with an open mind this game rocks.

Don't try with Windows7 i tried it just wont run.

Spenok2435d ago

Oh I would love to play this. I'm a big fan on the warhammer series. It's to bad I only have windows 7 :/