Molyneux Spouts Off About Kinect

Peter Molyneux is notorious for taking the stage at E3 and spouting off about how awesome the next Fable game is going to be. Meanwhile, a collective facepalm overcomes the Lionhead studios PR department who know the game will in fact not include any of those features. Well, this year was a bit different. Rather than announce a bazillion new features for an upcoming Fable game, Molyneux revealed an entirely new take on the Fable franchise that will take full advantage of the Kinect and subsequently he has revealed his own, very candid, opinions about the device.

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flipmop442583d ago

I hate how he promises stuff then it never happens

ElementX2583d ago

I learned a long time ago not to take previews or interviews seriously in the gaming world. Expectations are rarely met.

frozzenfire2583d ago

Agreed but best not to give up on it, gaming industry in general is a new industry it needs time to get to where traditional industries are. And it depends on which company you are talking about as well.

flipmop442583d ago

it sure would be nice if they were though

honestpizza2583d ago

I just ignore Molyneux in general. The guy over-promises and under-provides on a regular basis.

EVILDEAD3602583d ago

LOl @ this fan blogger pretending Peter is b ashing the device..REeeeeeeech..

Peter is the biggest fan of Kinect..he demoed Fable: The Journey on G4TV and couldn't have been more thrilled.

Just because he's stating the obvious about the challenges of the input (no duh) doesn't mean he's 'spouting' off..but you know how the haters got to spin it.

Bottomline..Micrsoft asked one oftheir lead developers to create a core title for Kinect. Peter said he 'loves' Fable and he 'loves' Kinect which is why it makes the most sense.

The funny part is NO ONE says anything when PS3 Move used used for Killzone 3 or Little Big Planet. But, as soon as Micrsoft takes the same approach then it's OMG why is there a Kinect Fable game?

Here's to hoping Peter and Lionhead pull it off..becausee after his off-stage demo of the game it's clear that Fable: The Journey could be alot of fun


gamingdroid2583d ago (Edited 2583d ago )

Yeah, it's not like the traditional controller isn't without flaws, you know like:

- having far too many buttons making it complex to use
- requires almost all fingers i.e. for the most part two hands
- is less immersive
- unsuitable for some type of games

... and finally, remember before Halo, people where constantly complaining how FPS doesn't work on consoles! Look where we are now!!!

That said, acknowledging the problem is a first step towards fixing it.

SilentNegotiator2583d ago

"is less immersive"

BS. Motion controllers require about 1000x the conscious motion, while traditional controllers take a tiny bit to move your thumbs.

Beastradamus2583d ago

He is such a big talker and yet every time he under delivers. So it trips me out a bit to see him diss Kinect because maybe that means he will finally deliver the Fable game he has always promised.

BioDemon-2575d ago

Why do you care Beast? You don't even own a 360. You do however make some awesome vids on youtube. xD

Beastradamus2575d ago

I care because I played the first Fable and remember how let down I was. I also care because I am an enthusiast of the industry as a whole. I love every aspect of it. I don't have time for a 360 but that doesn't mean I don't want one. I'd love to play me some Gears.

Thank you by the way

DJMarty2583d ago

He should just come out and say KINECT sucks. We all know it does. lol

PEW PEW PEW anyone.

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The story is too old to be commented.