Elena & Chloe Not Playing a Prominent Role in Uncharted 3

Gamers Leak: If you’re a fan of Elena and Chloe, don’t become upset if neither of the main female roles get a lot of facetime in Drake’s Deception. Naughty Dog is letting you know ahead of time.

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tdogg060519912558d ago

This is about Nate and Sunny's relationship. A real look on the depth of their characters.

Tazz2558d ago

Yup, that's exactly what it is. They should have tried to incorporate everybody in the Uncharted universe in a major way. One can wish.

Michael-Jackson2558d ago

Agree, you will be seeing a lot of sun in the desert.

InspectorG2558d ago

Lol I was actually trying to work it out... Was thinking 'man I love uncharted series but have never heard of sunny obviously i missed it' lol.

Haze182558d ago

i wouldnt mind if Chloe made played a bigger part but im glad there downplaying Elena's role

Quagmire2558d ago

Theyre shoehorning Chloe imo, I wanted more of elena/drake relationship though.

miyamoto2558d ago

Chloe looks much much better here!

spectyre2558d ago

Apparently Elena got herself hitched. She seems to have a wedding band on in the E3 trailer.

baodeus2558d ago

did ND already said this will be focusing on Sully and Drake?