Team Fortress Riddle Gets the Old Noggin Ticking on Mobster Monday

Today marks Day One of the Team Fortress 2 Uber Update. Touted as being the biggest, most ambitious update in Team Fortress 2 history, Valve is playing their cards pretty close to their chest with this one. In preparation for the update's release this coming Thursday, Valve has given gamers several little hints that, if thought about hard enough, will provide insight as to what the biggest, most secretive part of the update is.

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Eades2559d ago


TF 2 is getting perks?!

That's so... unexpected?

Thrillhouse2558d ago

TF2 (PC) has had stuff like this for quite a while now. The console versions are still vanilla TF2.

ares21al2558d ago

It's About time they started getting the Console versions up to speed

GregoryAllen2558d ago

Man I used to love playing TF2. It was the one game that i always went to play. Then I stopped for a few weeks, came back and everything was different, with a big focus on hats - I don't care about hats!