Wii U: Unanswered Questions

Gamespot: Nintendo revealed much about its new console, the Wii U, at the 2011 Electronic Entertainment Expo. Not only did the company show the physical system itself, but it also revealed a new type of controller--one that integrates a large touch screen in the middle that lets users interact with games directly and allows them to stream Wii U games to that screen when the TV is in use by another person. Nintendo gave a glimpse of some possible in-game uses for the new controller during the Wii U trailer, and it even had a few playable demos at the show to demonstrate some of its key functionality. But for all of that information and the hands-on time, there are still many important questions left unanswered about Nintendo's new platform.

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jacksonmichael2558d ago

Now, my memory is terrible, I'll admit that... but I'm almost certain that the HD Zelda demo was not, in any way, Twilight Princess.

mike1up2558d ago

It was and it wasn't...
The room that Link was in was new and graphically it blew Twilight Princess out of the water, but the giant spider was one of the bosses from Twilight Princess.

Doesn't make me any difference though. That HD Zelda demo basically sold me the console (the "probable" 3rd party launch titles didnt hurt either).