New BF3 Interview "Large Desert Maps"

As dreamhack 2011 finishes off a new interview emerges. THis 9min video has been translated from Swedish to English and answers a few interesting questions about modding tools, e-sports, unlocks and map size.

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Dart892407d ago

Man the more i see this game the more i want it:).

caboose322406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )

Hopefully this is the true sequel Iv'e been waiting for since 2005!

Stadler2406d ago

According to those who played. it's not only a true sequel but they best game they've played. Even a few WoW heads who played at dreamhack pre-ordered it right after playing lol. Apparantly there have been no complaints from the ones who have played

caboose322406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )

If that's true then DICE really have outdone themselves this time!

October can't come fast enough.

tdogg060519912406d ago

It had gotten horrible reviews. I don't see Battlefield 3 as being anything other than pretty.


Dont mention Killzone and BF in the same sentence, BF2 (PC) still wipes the floor with all the killzones combined gameplay wise.

chak_2406d ago

apart from the "classical" master server crash for two weeks at release I'm sure it will be a master piece.

I'm waiting that since sooooo many years, and we're still 4 months to go !

CaptCalvin2406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )

You gotta unlock vehicle BFBC2... and nothing like BF2... Don't tell me I have to choose between smoke screen and coaxial gun when I had both in a tank from the get-go in BF2... YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME IF THAT'S WHAT THIS IS SUGGESTING!!!! This is turning more and more into a beefed up BFBC2 instead of a proper BF2 successor. Please don't let COD ruin yet another franchise!!!!!!

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