Battlefield 3 PS3 - Crysis 2 Demo All Over Again?

MMGN writes: It must be incredibly difficult in this day and age to be a video game developer.

After all of their blood, sweat and tears are drained into the making of an interactive experience, people are still finding a way to lash out at them, even in the most trivial of circumstances.

I’m referring to the backlash (if you can call it that) from some gamers as to Battlefield 3’s supposed performance on consoles, namely the PlayStation 3.

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Agent-862554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

Great article and here's a great quote from the end: "Perhaps it’s time that those that are finding things to complain about step outside the box and get a little perspective, because at the moment we’re talking about what a game can’t do, as opposed to what it can do. And Battlefield 3 can do plenty." Amen, brother.

PhantomT14122554d ago

I think like you've said in many other articles that the real culprits are CoD fanboy trolls like Raven_Nomad & Warprincess.

After all the positive reactions of PS3 fanboys from this site, and the silly comments of CoD fanboys claiming "oh, I'm gonna be happy with CoD on 1080p & 60FPS", it's crystal clear... They don't just blacklash DICE, they give a bad image to PS3 owners!

Tank_Commander_E62554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

Oh god again with this non issue. The only people talking about this are these worthless little sites desperate for clicks.

The Meerkat2554d ago

You'd think the PS3 fans would see the pattern after all these years and just accept the games as they are.
All the complaining won't do jack.

Moores law says computing power doubles every 2 years.
The 360 and PS3 are 6 year old tech.
Therefore PC's are now at least 8 times more powerful then either console.
E I G H T. T I M E S!

Thats why the game looks better on PC.
Be happy the PS3 version looks as good as it does.

KRATOS-PS32554d ago

still the best games are on consoles, so who gives a sh!t if a game looks a bit better on PC if u are not able to play games like Gears or Uncharted. Consoles are simply the best choise for gaming.

Sarobi2554d ago

Of course that is only your opinion

caboose322554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

"Consoles are simply the best choice for gaming"


Get that through your thick skull and stop saying a console is better just because it has Uncharted. That is completely ignorant and fanboyish of you to say.

I own a gaming pc, xbox and ps3. I have played/own most exclusives and think that many of them or WAY over rated and are used for stupid fanboy bragging rights. So I mostly play on a pc because its my comfort spot and has RTS games which are my favorite genre, and console is lacking them.

BUT thats just my opinon. And I'm actually smart enough to realize that.

Edit: I guess opinions don't exist on n4g, just facts that ps3 fanboys spew out. And to think the lot of you were more mature then that.

Agent-862554d ago

And consoles can't play BF3 with 64 players. So, your point being?

reynod2554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

Funny most of you PS3 fans dish gears, however when when you need to defend consoles you praise the same title lol. Hippocrate much?

Every platform has its exclusives. This year PC has had awesome games. Dawn of war 2 retribution, Shogun 2, Witcher 2. BF3 which will be like exclusive on PC since its different then console version.

Lol Uncharted is just an 8 hour game, which is released every alternate year. Most gamers play about 100hours a month, thats about 1200 hours a year. If not having a 8 hour game is gonna break someones gaming expereince then something wrong lol. As a PC gamer i have so many games i really coudnt care about the handful of console exclusives.

morganfell2554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

Hippocrates was the father of modern medicine and a hypocrite is a person that acts in contradiction to their stated beliefs. Pick one.

If you believe that Uncharted is an 8 hour game then you didn't play Uncharted (your comments confirm this), you didn't gather all of the treasures and you certainly didn't attack it on Crushing.

Since you said it is released every other year then you are including Uncharted 2. 8 hours for Uncharted 2? really? See everything above plus the multiplayer.

It is apparently convenient to forget that EA had to calm down PC fans that blew a gasket over the announcement Single Player would be included and play a major part of the game.

I game on a PCas well. You are not helping elevate your position by attacking consoles. It reeks of desperation and tends to make everything you assaulkt as false appear to be conversely true. Especially when attacking a title that garnered more GOTY awards than any title to date.

Ranshak2554d ago

Their misery is justified, i would be pissed too if was trapped with 6 year old hardware then having to pay more on every game.

Ser2554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )


"This year PC has had awesome games. Dawn of war 2 retribution, Shogun 2, Witcher 2. BF3 which will be like exclusive on PC since its different then console version."

God, I lol'd so hard.

And Uncharted 2 is an 8 hour game? I lol'd even harder.

These PC vs PS3 comments are truly hilarious to read from a neutral standpoint. I own both platforms, so I get the best of both worlds while the fanboys and elitists bicker on into eternity.

Let's move on, yeah? Battlefield 3 will be amazing - it's friggin' Battlefield after all. Choice of platform doesn't matter, unless you want to wave the 64-player count in consolers' faces as PC elitists tend to do.

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qwertyz2554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

nope the ps3 WILL NEVER be able to handle battlefield 3 at pc quality NEVER so ps3 fanboys are just ignorant and thats it. look at the alpha efects in the pc version for example, ps3 will never be able to touch that because of its TERRIBLY low gpu bandwidth and fillrates EVEN the 360 version will probably have higher resolution alpha effects because of the edram bandwidth which is 256gb/s the only problem with the 360s edram is that its only 10mb so that was fail on microsofts part :/. pc is a GENERATION ahead of consoles in EVER way and comparing pc to consoles is like comparing a LION TO A PUSSY CAT. PC FTW!!!

@the disagrees I'm going to get.

the truth is a bitter pill to swallow yes but please understand that consoles are NOTHING compared to pc. a

zeksta2554d ago

Okay.. I get the idea of what your saying, but the fact that your constantly putting down the console makes you seem like a fanboy, thus prepare for alot of disagrees.

Anyway, the PS3 version doesn't look as good as the PC version mainly because of the hardware, but is sure as hell does look pretty good for a console game, and ALOT better then this:

tudors2554d ago

@zeksta nice video, shows how far they have come.

Skynetone2554d ago

consoles 720p 30fps average
pc 1080p 30/60fps average

dont see 8 times the power, maybe the other 7 times the power is used for real time lighting are something useful like that,

reynod2554d ago

Pc is actually 1080p and beyond 60 fps at 1080p will be easy.

Hardware like 6950 CF will easily be pushing 60fps plus at resolutions like 5760*1080, which is 3 times higher res then 1080p.

LightofDarkness2554d ago

Think about it: more than double the resolution at double the framerate = little over 4 times already. Not to mention anti-aliasing. Now factor in MUCH higher texture resolutions, far higher quality effects, hardware accelerated physics, next generation lighting engines, soft shadows, tesselation.... I think you get the picture.

Bhai2554d ago

and if its in league with PS3 games with 8x more power and the only things that help it vary being 1080p and hi-res textures, then nah PCs aren't that much to talk about...
I mean, c'mon Uncharted 3, god of war 3, GT5, Uncharted 2, Heavy Rain... all look ace man, and the swimming pool water in UC3 keeps shifting with ship heaving... what's the equivalent on PCs?

BlackKnight2554d ago


Try playing Cryostasis on a PC, EACH DROP of water is an actual physics object that is tracked and merged with other droplets.

Oh and it came out in 2008.

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qwertyz2554d ago

@bhai.. EVEN bulletstorm pc blows all those games you mentioned out of the water in the graphics department. look at crysis 1 looks better than all your ps3 exclusives COMBINED also has larger environments than all your ps3 exclusives put together lol even far cry 2 pc that doesn't look nearly as good as crysis wipes the floor with every console game out today in graphics, scale AND physics so what are you talking about ? have you seen empire, napoleon and shogun 2 total war games ? they also look better than any ps3 exclusive and wipes the flooor with all of them scale wise even dead space 2 pc looks better tahn any console game lol consles are otdated technology did not stand still for 5 years because of a game console. even a core 2 duo would wipe the floor with your suppesdly all powerful cell cpu lol the cell is so powerful yet all ps3 games have pre computerd physics and destruction ? lol check out the superior might of pc cpus in the links below and witness TRUE physics. BEHOLD
lol the cell can't even successfully emulate ps2 a feet core 2 duo processors where able to reach all the ps3 models that could play ps2 games could only do so because they had ps2 hardware in them(the emotion engine) which sony later removed to save costs. so if the ps3 was so powerful why can't it emulate ps2 in software ? because emulations are cpu tasking and a core 2 duo cpu(not even core 2 extreme, core i3,i5 or i7) destroys the cell in everything except video editing which the cell(a core 2 quad and up will destroy the ps3 cell in EVERYTHING) was originally designed for(thats why you see cells in tvs) . the chinese government military supercomputer uses regular multi core cpus you think they're stupid for doing that ? they're not they just know the cell ain't shit that's all same with apple they turned down cell for intel processors. the only reason ps3s are used in some clusters is because they are VERY cheap compared to real servers processing power wise the ps3 is pathetic compared 2006 high end pc

Ranshak2554d ago

Nevermind Bhai, hes a retarded ps3 fanboy as bad as they come with a Iq level of below a 12 year old.

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richard9192554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

i dont see the problem..i think BF3 looks great on PS3. no complaints here ill be pickin it up for my PS3. i really wish this whole thing would go away. this was blown way out of proportion. the graphics are fine. besides its not graphics that make or break a game...its all about gameplay!

TronEOL2554d ago

I honestly don't care much. I'll play a game and have fun regardless. Now if the game runs like Crysis 2 did on PS3, it'll be a deal breaker. By the time I finished playing Crysis 2, I had the worst headache ever. Motionblur and random heavy framerate drops killed my noggin.

We'll have to see when the finished product is released as to whether or not I'll purchase it. Sad to say, but it's in the same boat as Modern Warfare 3 for me. Only room for one Military FPS, and we'll see which one it is after I play (rent) both.

BlackKnight2554d ago

Motionblur is in KZ, uncharted and God of war. Its actually a very complex and very pleasing effect. How can you mention it as a downside??

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