Team Fortress 2 Free This Week

Free is always good, and it's especially good when the thing you get for free is something you'd want anyway. To promote an upcoming update to Team Fortress 2, Valve announced (via their official site) that they're making the shooter free for everyone all this week. So, for those few people who don't already own the game, you can get in a few matches both before and after the update.

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hiredhelp2560d ago

yeh this cool just bought this game on sale for £6.99 inc the first team fortress. thoe i get a pause wile playing in games. crazy

captain-obvious2560d ago (Edited 2560d ago )


i paid money for this (full price) and ppl getting it for free ??
that's it
in not buying anything valve make
i'll wait tell its free

good thing i didnt buy portal 2 yet
i'll just wait tell its free
just like what happened with the first one

sorry valve i love you
but you guys made me deiced this

like really
i feel i got trolled man
NOT cool vavle NOT cool

on the other hand
im really happy that more players get to play this great and fun game

its not only PC
even when sony gave infamous for free i got mad
i bought that game for free
but Sony rarely does it
valve seems like do it all the time

that's BS i really hate when that happens
im happy for anyone that going to get
but im not happy that vavle to give 2 shits about early adapters and ppl that actually paid for that game
at least give us something to cover it up and makes us feel happy !!
we paid for the damned thing

Chnswdchldrn2560d ago

its only free for a week man

Ser2560d ago

That's a ballsy comment, man.

You're calling down the wrath of the PC fanboys.

On topic: This is great for all of the people that have yet to pick up TF2. (Who in their right mind hasn't picked this game up yet?)

Motorola2560d ago

ITS ONLY FREE FOR A WEEK. calm down dude. Your username makes this very ironic lol

hiredhelp2560d ago (Edited 2560d ago )

As chnswdchlrn said its only 4 a week given players a chance to test this popular game. I think great way to promote any game bound to get more sales at the price i paid for 2 games. Not too bad. Other than the pausing pain the butt.

I too bought infamouse but sold it , never gave the game a chance had crappy old tv at the time so i downloaded it im enjoying it this time around.

kaveti66162560d ago

You're contradicting yourself. You are saying that you are happy for all the people who get to enjoy it for free yet you are frustrated at Valve for making the game free.

It seems clear that you are not happy for other people, that you considered your monetary purchase to be some kind of status identifier, but now that the product is free you feel you've wasted your money. You don't want other people to get for free what you had to pay for.

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egidem2560d ago

I have all other Valve games except Team Fortress 2. I have it on Xbox Live and it kinda sucks there. I think I'll grab a copy on Steam then!

Spitfire_Riggz2560d ago

Cool, seems i can run this on my shitty as computer too

Spitfire_Riggz2560d ago

I lied, dont have 10 gigs of space needed!

Motorola2560d ago

Great PC shooter. So fun and original

Gunshot2560d ago

playing it right now :P

Caleb_1412560d ago

ditto, steam browser is awesome

GrumpyVeteran2560d ago

Pinnacle of PC awesome sauce.

Klaykid1232560d ago

TF2 is the best game on the PC IMO.

RedDead20672560d ago

I'm a PC gamer, own about 30 games on Steam.

But actually waiting for the Orange Box to go on sale.

I'm sure it will be discounted during the Steam Summer Sale to start next week-ish.

I never get games at full price.. But BF3 will be the first.

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