PS Vita in action, watch hands on video and interview with Soundshapes Devs

So we know what the PS Vita does, but what's it look like hands on? Take a look at the video and additionally check out this very odd but extremely cool casual game that seems quite addictive. Let us know what you think.

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SpaceSquirrel2254d ago

Everyday Shooter is great. Looking forward to this.

ismejks2253d ago

planning to get vita this time

gameguidedog2253d ago

The video interview was spur of the moment as it was just to be an interview with the devs but they said we could film it. Obviously we were caught off guard, but at least you see the VITA in action which is a rarity in any videos presently.

madpuppy2247d ago

Is it me or doesn't the interviewer in the video sound like Doctor Evil?