Project Gotham Racing 2 Is The Greatest Console-Exclusive Game Ever Made, Period

FleshEatingZipper writes: If you’ve listened to our podcasts before, you know I have a certain affinity for Project Gotham Racing 2 (or PGR2, as we call it). I’ve written at length about it, sure, but how did it come up to be the best console-exclusive game ever? I mean, people who write articles like this are going to say Zelda-something or Call of Duty-whatever. This was easy, though: my hands were pretty much tied.

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SuperSaiyan42496d ago

AGREED!!! Finally someone that sees sense! PGR2 was the best racing game I ever played also online it was perfect, perfect lobbies perfect everything! It is a shame that PGR3 was sloppy and 4 was even worse.

But since nothing was shown at E3 about another PGR I guess that is another franchise killed off by Microsoft.