Miyamoto Discusses Wii U's Origins

IGN:" In a darkened wing of the theater, overlooking the calm scene of hundreds of empty seats, sat two men quietly chatting between themselves. You wouldn't think one of these men had helped create franchises that would reach billions of people, young and old, across the world. Mario. Zelda. Donkey Kong. In the video game industry, these names are the stuff of legend, all coming primarily from one man – Shigeru Miyamoto. My time with Miyamoto-san was brief. Nintendo is once again at a crossroads, and as eagerly as I wanted to chat with the gaming legend about his thoughts on the future of his company, no doubt he had a much more pressing obligation to steer that future. A show like E3 affords a rare opportunity for the entire industry to be in one place. While companies unveil their visions for the coming year, no doubt they're making deals and arranging plans that will stretch far beyond that. "

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bwazy2465d ago

Some developer spilled his alphaghettis and a U happened to fall beside their Wii console.