There Is No Such Thing as Honor or Cheapness: Artificial Rules in Multiplayer Gaming

Nightmare Mode talks about scrubs in multiplayer gaming, whom cry foul and shriek cheap or unfair when they lose. Instead of trying to learn from their mistakes, they try to call into question the 'skill' of the opposing player.

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Septic2462d ago

Well then the author hasn't come across Call of Duty MW2 replete with:

* Commando

* One Man Army Noob tube abuse

* Painkiller

* Thermal

* Spawn trapping

Patricia2462d ago

What you are talking about is somewhere where it is 'proven' that the mechanic was BROKEN. I am talking about the many instances where things are NOT broken, but people whine instead of learning how to play the game.

Septic2462d ago (Edited 2462d ago )

The thing is, my mates and I do get annoyed at people who play cheap as you put it. You placed express reliance on your article about developers making adjustments in light of possible imbalances but their neglect in doing so is the reason why a lot of people will whine about cheap play.

There is nothing artificial about someone exploiting a game either by way of spawn killing or camping. It's just that developers do not or cannot find a way to prevent certain players from playing cheap. I think the 'spirit of game play' is an important aspect in competitive play and the cheap play adopted by some strikes at the heart of this so-called honour.

It is an interesting debate though.