PS Vita to Have “Voice Recognition Gaming”

If you weren’t happy with the fact that you could only use ten buttons, two analog sticks, two multitouch touch pads, two cameras and SixAxis support to control the PlayStation Vita, good news: the handheld may receive yet another control method – voice recognition.

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Canas20102582d ago

This thing just keeps getting better!

Abash2582d ago

Man, all the awesome features the PSVita has is making me very excited for what the PS4 will have :)

Bigpappy2582d ago

Can't wait for some kid to use this in a public Place: Drop the gun!!! Move left! Fire at will!!! LOL.

Should work best on trains, buses and Planes. "This thing just keeps getting better!" Indeed.

blackburn102582d ago

What the heck is your problem anyway?

Canas20102582d ago

Well I don't know about you Bigpappy but I wouldn't be "shouting" voice commands at the thing. It would be no different than someone talking on their phone. Jeez man lighten up a little.

KonaBro2582d ago

He's been trolling Sony articles for ages and he still sucks at it.

The_Ultimate_Guy2582d ago (Edited 2582d ago )

@ Bigpappy

Can you imagine if it was done on a plane!!! o.O

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doctorstrange2582d ago (Edited 2582d ago )

How they managed to put all this stuff in, and stay cheap, and still make a profit. The guys who designed the Vita are geniuses.

longcat2582d ago

there have been conflicting reports as to how much of a loss is being made on each console...but a loss is being made.

Its a normal sony strategy

doctorstrange2582d ago


Somehow they pulled it off. They don't want to take the hit they did with the PS3 and have changed strategy.

longcat2582d ago (Edited 2582d ago )

like i said..conflicting reports
Shuhei Yoshida said marginal losses in an article with IGN
Kaz says break even in 3 years

I had prepared for $400 - so i'm really happy

doctorstrange2582d ago

You'd think that Sony would know if they were making a profit or not, haha. Either way, I'm just happy it's awesome.
Thanks for the linkage.

longcat2582d ago


They can be excused on account of being busy creating awesomeness.

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maniacmayhem2582d ago

I don't know .. reading all the Mass Effect 3 articles on N4G , gamers dont want voice recognition. They would rather use the controls.

Hicken2582d ago

It's less that, and more that they don't want it to be a gimmick.

zeal0us2582d ago (Edited 2582d ago )

Over the whole ME3 voice rec thing

I think some of the gamers think its(ME3 voice recognition) pointless not innovative, seeing as you could probably do the same with a headset without even need/use of a kinect.

What would be cool feature for ME3 using Kinect, character creation using facial recognition. I mean the Kinect would take up close pics from many different angles and uses that data collect to make an character similar to the player.
Now PSV having voice recognition, hopefully it could be use to lock/unlock to psv to prevent others from messing with it/using it without your permission.

Hicken2582d ago

THAT I wouldn't mind so much in ME3. But for them to say they couldn't do it with the PS3 (which was because they didn't WANT to do it; Kinect means they didn't do a thing), and then make it Kinect-required for the feature...

Gimmicky. And meant to boost sales of the Kinect.

theIMP2582d ago (Edited 2582d ago )

@ maniacmayhem
Isn't it funny how much these fools flip flop? We both know why they think it's ok for this function to be used for Vita, because Sony's doing it. I think the voice command thing in ME3 is a great use of the feature, and will improve game play, but on N4G it's a no-no because MS is doing it. Look at the comments above me for examples. These sad saps can come up with 100 reasons it's cool for the Vita but shitty for the 360. You all are just hypocritical plain and simple, and you are not scared at all to show just how bias you are. It's crazy how, in your own heads, you really think you have a valid argument for why it's cool for Sony and not for MS other than you just hate MS. Whatever though, you have a right to your own opinions, no matter how laughably bias and hypocritical they are.
On topic, I think it could be used in awesome ways on both systems, it just depends on how it's implemented.
I do have one last question for these Sony zealots, and please answer truthfully. If you can just set your Pro-Sony, Anti-MS bias down for 1 second to answer this. Do you really think that commanding your team in ME3 with your voice is not a better option than pausing the game and entering commands that way, or hitting the d-pad all of you are so quick to call a piece of shit? I would much rather not leave the game, or have to move my thumb off the stick to do stuff like that, and I think it's a great way to use Kinect in a game. Just because it's been used in games before, doesn't make it any less useful to me, but then again I am a gamer not a fanboy.

dbjj120882582d ago

I don't care nearly as much about hardware as I used to. Show me some freaking games!

like Sound Shapes... yeah, show me more Sound Shapes.

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