PS Vita Jackpot: New Video, PC Screensaver, YouTube Channel

Coming out of E3 with a blowout off information, game announcements and demonstrations, news and an affordable price tag, the PlayStation Vita is currently one of the hottest topics in gaming. Sony is looking to keep the hype train at full speed and has opened up a specialized PS Vita YouTube channel that features plenty of goodies, along with some new tidbits of information and an all-new video.

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doctorstrange2529d ago

The screensaver is actually pretty nice - albeit rather tortuously teasing

miyamoto2529d ago (Edited 2529d ago )

As much as I love the PS3....
I feel the PS Vita is on par with it in terms of functionality & unique features. Heck, PS Vita might have an even better YouTube & Google Web Browser & Search App! Let alone launch price tag!!!

The only thing that keeps it from totally beating the PS3 is the lack of Skype & Video Output functionality.

But I am sure some genius is going to find a way around this issue.

Remember the PS Move & PSP patent they submitted to the FCC....don't even rule it out.

As far as game's are concerned Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Dragon's Crown, Gravity Daze, ZOE HD etc. and the thousands of PS1, PSP & PSN games.... PS Vita will have a better launch line up than the PS3.

CaptCalvin2529d ago

It's almost a sure thing that Vita is going to support Skype.

dbjj120882529d ago

Ah, there's that sound shapes promotion I've been looking for!

clearelite2529d ago (Edited 2529d ago )

I'm pretty sure I watched this video several months ago. It was great to watch it again though.

This this will sell VERY well, but sony has to market/advertise it correctly to counteract the inevitable smear campaign.

Edit: Preordered $250 WiFi model.

littlebigmarcpsps32529d ago

new video??? we seen this already sigh,
gosh i cant wait to get my hands on it..already pre ordered mine too

MasterCornholio2529d ago

Who says that portables cant have great tech and great games. The Vita proves the haters wrong since we will have both.

Great Graphics + Great Gameplay = Awesome Games

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