Top 5 MMOs To Check Out, Play And Enjoy For The Summer

Bright Hub "A top five list of games to play during the summer of 2011. Leave the sunblock in the cabinet and instead put on your gaming gloves because this list will leave your palms sweaty and your mouth salivating."

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zeal0us2530d ago

Age Of Conan: Unrated, I might give a whirl.
Weird I thought Ijji had a Karma game.
I heard fallen earth going the f2p route.

ATiElite2530d ago

Ijji has a game called Metro Conflict Presto coming out that looks really good for a F2P

Lots of F2P MMO's to check out

Fragger2k82530d ago

I just started playing Spiral Knights after seeing it on Steam a couple days ago or so. It's some pretty decent fun so far. =P Been playing it with my 360 controller, and it works pretty nicely with the game.