Stop Making HD Remakes writes: Am I the only one who is sick of buying the same game time and time again? While it's always nice to get some of your favourite titles with a new coat of paint, it seems over the past few years we have been inundated with the infamous HD remake - a blatant scam to cash in on the nostalgia factor from fans of the franchise.

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-Alpha2468d ago (Edited 2468d ago )


Remakes have been around for a long, long time. When Sony brought out GoW Collection they really helped usher in this new way to make money. Some call it milking, I see it as effective and profitable for the publishers and convenient and honourable for fans. Win-win.

And let's face it, in today's generation most of us online nerds complain about shooters and games being the same. Nothing wrong with playing games of yesterday that are better than what we have coming out these days. Don't like it, don't buy it.

I've missed out on a lot of older games, I'm really glad to see them coming now. And it helps that they are in an HD collection with trophy/achievement support for a budgetary price. That's better value than a lot of the stuff that comes out today.

Nitrowolf22468d ago (Edited 2468d ago )

There is absolutely nothing wrong with HD remakes.
From Article:
"Am I the only one who is sick of buying the same game time and time again?"

that's your fault. No one is forcing you to, and its not like they are interfering with other games nor are saturating the market with them. They are cheap and aren't being forced on anyone. Seriously if your gonna complain about it then why continue buying?

I feel like this article has a poor argument.

"a blatant scam to cash in on the nostalgia factor from fans of the franchise"

Once again no one is forcing any one to buy and it's not like they are huge sellers anyway when they release (though Halo remake might be different). If there is something that should be touched on whn it comes to gaming and scams its the fact that devs are offering DLC for a game on day one or a few weeks after launch.

" For all the time the studio spent on giving those games the cosmetic upgrades they surely could have produced an exciting new title."

Although i don't have evidence, i highly doubt HD remakes are taking a mass amount of time to do. They really aren't, i bet they could get a team of 5-10 people to do it while the rest are working on bigger projects.

Sly Cooper Collection and at the same time the same team was working on the New sly Cooper.

MGS HD Collection. Working on MGSR and Never Dead along with a few other titles.

Team Ico/Shadow co. Collection and working on Last Gaurdian.

-Alpha2468d ago (Edited 2468d ago )

He focuses the article around Halo especially and how Anniversary is milking because the game isn't that old. HA is more of a remake than an HD port though, so there is a difference here.

Halo Anniversary is built from the ground up for the 360 hardware if I'm not mistaken. It's running on the Reach engine with Kinect support as well. Personally, I'd prefer a straight up remastering, I'm a little worried that the Reach engine will make the game feel too Reach-y (assassination animations made me begin to wonder what else they changed for gameplay), but I'll have to reserve judgment. Honestly, you're probably better off buying it for the PC with all the maps and mods (stealth PC promotion). Anniversary has only 8 of the maps, and they'll probably DLC the rest. I also wonder if it will cost $60 or be $40. Still, if you are a 360-owning fan, there seems to be a lot to enjoy.

I can see his point that some of it may begin to get out of hand. But I'm really digging all the HD collections that have been announced-- I played through GoW for the first time with the collections and was blown away by how it can match up to today's games. And from there I played God of War 3. If not for the HD collection I don't think I'd have found the time to go back to play God of War.

And wait till some of you play Shadow of the Colossus for the first time! It will change your perspective on gaming like it did mine.

EeJLP-2468d ago

Worthless article. Dumb site. You're a moron if you don't like better quality and extra features.

NAGNEWS2468d ago

will make a Call of duty HD remake XD
that my friend is milking!

dredgewalker2468d ago

Lol, they'll also charge it at the price of a new game.

Ron_Danger2468d ago

They already do... They come out every november...

Sgt_Slaughter2467d ago

They already did. It was bundled in the expensive editions of World At War or Modern Warfare 2 or Black Ops.

dredgewalker2468d ago

Not everyone has played the old classics and might not appeal to them visually so it is a good thing to be brought back in a much more prettier version. I agree, this article is BS. I already have GOW 1&2 for the PS2 but my brother bought the GOW HD Collection. I had a great time playing it again and it looked better than the PS2 versions which did it justice. I'm all for the HD remakes as long as they only bring out the best games. Some of these games are hard to find and some are even expensive to buy. It's also a good thing that they bring out the sequels in one disc and it's a bonus that if you owned the original you can keep them in better condition by playing the hd remakes. It also helps out the developers earn money to make newer games.

romancer2468d ago

The writer praises two HD remakes that he appreciated -- but asks us to share his negative opinion of a Halo game that hasn't been released yet.

On that basis he denounces remakes.

No one forces us to buy any games, remakes or otherwise. Don't see any point to this argument, as presented.

hellerphant2468d ago

Games like Perfect Dark that receive the HD treatment are viable - you get them at a discount price via XBL or instances such as the GoW collection when the disc content is cheaper than a new release that is totally fine.

I bet your pretty pennies that when Halo CE: Anniversary launches it will retail for a full $110 AUD (New Release US games are around $60 yeah?).

Same will happen for MGS Snake Eater 3D - it will retail for a full price title. That is something I am not okay with.

jdktech20102468d ago

um, they've already said Halo remake is 40 bucks people....come on now

They said that the day it was announced if I'm not mistaken

Here ya go...took 5 seconds

and for second confirmation

coryok2468d ago

i appreciate when i get a chance to play games that i didnt buy the first time around.

there are lots of games that i would like to play through again also.

if you dont want to buy hd remakes than dont buy them, theres nothing wrong with them.

thebudgetgamer2468d ago

i'll keep buying video game re-masters for the same reason i am going to buy the 40th anniversary clockwork orange blu-ray, because it's awesome and i can.

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