Will the Free-to-Play Model Start to Infect Consoles?"Battle field and Ghost Recon have already started their own Free-to-Play online programs. Will console developers start adopting the Free-to-Play model more willingly? And, more importantly, will you pay?"

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zeal0us2584d ago

Hopefully the controls will work out. I like the idea to be able play with ps3 and 360 without having to own either of the two, if possible

Sadly f2p really won't be free to play knowing M$ they probably going to only allow gold members access f2p games.

Sony I not sure about.

Nintendo they already declared they didn't really care about f2p games/mmo probably going the whole value of games crap they was proclaiming months ago.

Yes I know Ghost recon online will be on the wii U and that its f2p MMO, I'm not sure why Nintendo say one thing but does another, maybe b/c the MMO is coming from Ubisoft, i dunno.

Soldierone2584d ago

Free to play, will you pay? haha

I much rather shell out 50 dollars (yeah im on the boat to lower the prices back down :P) to play a game, rather then being nickel and dimed for everything I want.

With Free to Play models you never really know whats free. Generally its the basic of the basic, and not paying means you are getting a demo of a full game. Nickel and Diming with the greedy devs we have could easily turn a 60 dollar game into a 100 dollar game without a problem. Its not a problem YET, but neither was DLC for a we are paying 15 or more dollars for almost everything.

rustyspoon802584d ago

If you look at it from this point of view: In an FPS most people I know, work their way upto a gun and stick with it. Cod for example, you use the same guns/perks each play through. Now imagine Cod was free (yeah right) and you just bought each guns for 0.99 you'd get the guns you needed, and the game for a lot less.
Im not 100% sure this is how these work though.

Soldierone2584d ago

Pretty much is in a most basic of terms. However when you play COD or any FPS for example, dont you find a groove by trying out an assortment of guns? I have 4 classes that I use commonly every day, each have different guns with different attachments. I unlocked almost all the guns though and tried all of them out to find what I liked.

Along with that theory, don't you also feel at a disadvantage if you are stuck with the basic guns they gave you to begin with? EVERYONE upgrades to other guns and attachments. With this sense you will have to pay to get it...

Like I said it isn't a problem just yet. However remember when DLC started getting popular...suddenly devs were selling 10 dollar unlock codes with the content already on the disc....

tplarkin72584d ago

I've purchased all of the DLC for Mass Effect 1 and 2, and Oblivion. So, I can see a free-to-play model working on consoles based on paid DLC.

nightmarex1212584d ago (Edited 2584d ago )

Sony already has a f2p game and its like an mmo free realms or something like that, with trophy support.

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