The PR Man Whose Duke Nukem Forever Tweet Got Him Fired Speaks Out

If you know the name Jim Redner, there's a good chance you know him for the single Duke Nukem Forever tweet that caused a brief public relations shitstorm last week. If you don't, Jim Redner will tell you all about the "brain fart" that caused Duke Nukem Forever's publisher to drop him like a bad habit.

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ChronoJoe2441d ago

I'm astounded that he actually seems to care so much about their game though. I mean if I were in charge of a games PR I wouldn't get upset if the game they told me to promote turned out to be garbage. It's not on me is it, I didn't make it.

It's kinda admirable he cared, so much about his job and the game they created. Even if his actions obviously can't be condoned, he was stupid to say what he did... although if you think about it, he didn't really lie. Reviewers like 1up giving DNF a 0/10 (equivalent) used the game to boost hits to their site, basically.

harlem_v12441d ago

I want to know what review pisses him off so much. Call them out so everyone can see, and either agree with you or not.

ChronoJoe2441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

Probably 1ups one. It's the one that gave it a 0, right?

I doubt he'll ever say which pisses him off specifically.

SilentNegotiator2441d ago

"Probably 1ups one. It's the one that gave it a 0, right?"

1UP gave it an 'F', Metacritic "converted" it to a 0.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2441d ago

I agree with the guy though. Game journalists are crap nowadays and really their opinions shouldnt be regarded as better than anyone elses.

fei-hung2441d ago

If justice is to be served, after him getting the sack, we must now turn our attention to the reviewers and sack them.

DNF may not be the best FPS, but it is what it is and doesn't claim to be anymore than that. If reveiwers have forgotten how to review, other than a good kick in the ass, they need to go back to class.

Yes, DNG isnt excellent, but it is far from a 0/10, unless these guys rather play hannah Montana and Iron Man on their consoles, they must be as usual talking out of their netherrealms!

SilentNegotiator2441d ago

Well, again, you can blame Metacritic's conversion system for the 0, not 1up's review.

And don't pretend like "reveiwers have forgotten how to review", Duke Nukem Forever is well below par. It isn't a parody of anything. It's humor falls way flat. The gameplay has absolutely no merit. The level design is terrible. DNF has a 50-ish average for a reason. And it's lucky to do that well.

fei-hung2440d ago

You didn't read what I wrote dude. You making it sound like I disagree with the average reviews when I don't. I disagree with the 0/10 and yes that blame is on the reviewer. giving an "f" is equal to giving a "0" as "f" is as everyone knows a fail and you cannot get a lower grade than an "f".

Soldierone2441d ago

The thing is would you guys say the same thing about Matt Hazard? I enjoyed that game more than Duke, but Ill admit it was pretty much crap. However I still own it and gladly played it. The reason i ask is because it doesn't have the name brand Duke does.

Its a reviewers job to tell you what they felt about the game. If they enjoyed something about the game, its their job to tell you what they enjoyed. They talk about any flaws they come across.

Simply just outright hating a game is wrong. The problem with todays reviewers is they don't have open minds. Ive seen IGN do this a lot. A person is a fan of Shooters, yet he reviews an RPG and has no experience with RPG's. As a reviewer you should be playing a variety of games, be keeping up to date with the games, and knowing what the game is supposed to be offering.

When I review a game, I review it based on the fans. For example im not too fond of JRPG's yet we get sent them all the time because we give them a chance. I say "personally I dont like the genre and this game (probably)didn't draw me in." right off the bat, just so people know.Then go on to say " However fans of the series and genre will love these aspects of the game." How do i know? I ask friends that are fans, i research it online, I read comments on other reviews to see what people are interested in and why. Ive played enough JRPG's to understand whats good and whats not.

Saladfax2441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

Even more than just preference, when playing video games becomes your job, it's easy to imagine that said play and enjoyment becomes more and more like work as time goes on.

However, I think these days with the relatively high popularity of bile-chucking critics/reviewers (see Yahtzee and Jim Sterling), more than a few start to use those tactics to drive traffic to their site. If it's not an amusing read by itself, spectators gather to see the angry monkey flinging its poo.

Just read the 1up review: it's a very unprofessional article which gives basically no details about the game itself.

Huarle2441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

I was quite suprised the way it turned out. I mean it was his personal Twitter account and therefore should not be representative of his agency/firm.

It happens very often these days, especialy with developers, even though most write in their profile that its their own opinion on not that of the company they work for.