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Submitted by esscx 1698d ago | news

PS3 Saint Seiya Trailer Coming on Thursday

Andriasang: "Namco Bandai's countdown site from last week gave way today to the official site for Saint Seiya Senki, the PlayStation 3 adaptation of the Saint Seiya manga and anime. The game first appeared in Weekly Shounen Jump over the weekend." (PS3, Saint Seiya Senki)

alousow  +   1698d ago
Yes OMG been waiting for a Saint Seiya game for ever
Fel08  +   1698d ago
I can't wait for this. This used to be my favorite cartoon when I was little.
keith-ps3  +   1698d ago
i dont remember this
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   1698d ago
maybe you remember it as Knights of the Zodiac?
keith-ps3  +   1698d ago
is this a rpg
sashimi  +   1698d ago
I don't know why but when i hear Saint Seiya, the following words out of my mouth is robots in disguise lol.

wanna see some gameplay
Fullmetalevolust  +   1698d ago
YES YES YES, I love anime adaptations into games, well successful ones. lol Fist of the north star wasn't bad at all. I grew up on Knights of the Zodiac aka Saint Seya, so Im happy to see it make a comeback.
Cinematic brawler, not sure what that means, but we'll know soon enough. IKI is my fav, go phoenix!
keith-ps3  +   1698d ago
man i looked this up on youtube this doesnt hav anything on ronin warriors f out of here make a rpg out of that ni&&a
Deadman_Senji  +   1698d ago
Knight of the Zodiac was terrible. They should really consider remastering the series with new voice actors.

And this time release it under it's intended name


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