DmC's E3 Trailer Raises More Questions Than Answers

For many fans of the Devil May Cry series, E3 was a last chance for the upcoming DmC to win them over.

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VsAssassin2406d ago

I liked the article. It was professional but exposed the unpreparedness of the mini press-con held by Ninja Theory. I loved NT when they made Heavenly Sword; it wasn't perfect but at least the game had an intriguing story and steady frame rate. I can't say the same for Enslaved, though.

On the side note, I hope NT pulls this one off. Let's all give them a chance. Personally, though, I don't like the new look of Dante. I also didn't like how the E3 gameplay video was presented. It gave me the idea that the frame rate would be similar to Enslaved.

blizzard_cool2406d ago

DMC 1-4 - 60 fps
Dmc - 30 fps

FirstName2405d ago

Well rumor has it that there will be a playable demo by the end of the year. If true we'll be able to see exactly how they're handling the gameplay and technical issues so far.

fei-hung2406d ago

I wonder how much of an ego Capcom and NT must have to still continue pissing this franchise down the drain. There must be some level of respect, dignity and honor the CEO of capcom must have to ensure he puts a stop to this idiocracy known as "DMC" and get Platinum games to make it instead.

I don't care what fall out they have had with Hediki San, Crapcom CEO and Exex's must understand the honor towards the fans of franchise is beyond NT and their lovers tiff. Get your crap'com sorted and give this game to someone who really cares about the franchise and the fans - Hideki Kamiya!

Greek God2406d ago

Lets see Techwise:
UE3 Engine
30 fps
Ninja Theory thx

Substance2406d ago

I loved Heavenly Sword. Probably one of my favorite games that year, but it was more about graphics and storyline, than it was about quick controls. Devil May Cry is all about quick controls and that is just something that Ninja Theory has not proven that they can do.

I WAS excited about this game, but now it's gone down a notch. Probably still going to get it though when it drops in price in a month like Enslaved did.

TheGameFoxJTV2406d ago

Really well written article. Feel kinda bad for the fans of the series. I've played the first 3 games, and yea they were fun, If a little difficult, but I don't really follow it too much.

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