How To Make Duke Nukem Relevant Again

MMGN writes: Duke Nukem Forever is a travesty. It’s a game stuck in 1999, with outdated humour, terrible platforming elements and a distinctive lack of memorable gun battles.

It’s not a surprisingly disappointing title – who of us didn’t expect it to be bad? – but it is sad to see such an anticipated and hyped game go down the drain so easily.

It’s especially sad because Duke Nukem has insane potential, as both a character and as a franchise. I am not very critical of Gearbox, because the developer took the project on -- despite its obvious issues -- and brought Duke back to the fans.

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Soldierone2529d ago

I agree with this comment "Yes, I am arguing that the critical failure of Duke Nukem Forever will assist in the reinventing of Duke Nukem."

I've been saying it all along. This game was going to be hated one way or another. Ether it was going to be an absolutely awesome game that still got slack for taking too long. Or its going to be (and was) a crap game that needed to get out just to get out.

You get Forever out of the way, you can start developing an actual Duke Nukem game. since Forever pretty much sucked, the next one can look good by simply making a few improvements. However I hope they do more than that.

mike1up2529d ago

"We all want to ‘go get some’, but not when what we’re getting is as outdated and used as the cigarette-sucking exotic dancer that Duke so openly adores."

LMFAO... that was priceless, i love it.

But seriously, yes... this game was really bad.