WWE ’12 To Have Correctly Sized Championship Belts

The Community Manager of WWE Games, Marcus Stephenson, has revealed on Twitter that the belts are now the correct size in WWE '12.

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StanSmith2533d ago (Edited 2533d ago )

Correctly sized belts? Belts that are the correct size? OMG! This will be Game of the Year now. Forget your Gears 3. Forget your Uncharted 3! WWE 12 HAS CORRECTLY SIZED CHAMPIONSHIP BELTS!


Sarobi2533d ago

I was thinking the same thing, with this improvement we will be experiencing a true next generation game!

MrBeatdown2533d ago

It might not sound like much, but with titles being such a major aspect of wrestling, seeing a guy carrying a toy belt in every other entrance is a pretty glaring flaw. It's the little details that add to the presentation.

ChronoJoe2533d ago

I think he was intending to be funny. Probably no one even noticed they weren't the right size in the last game, or something lol

DeadlyFire2533d ago (Edited 2533d ago )

I believe this is just another thing saying we are improving the game with this new engine. We actually made the belts now. I am actually surprised to hear PS2 and PSP won't be getting this years game. Definitely a new engine out there. I just wonder if we will be stuck with it for another 10 years. Hopefully they can make it awesome from day one. 2011 was a shift in the right direction.

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RockmanII72533d ago

Wait, so does that mean the belts haven't always been the right size? Wow that's really bad attention to detail.

Noctis1062532d ago

they need to fix superstars wearing the belt on their ass after Elimination Chamber & Steel Cage Championship Matches too.