New Rise of Nightmares gameplay trailer

Sega has released a new gameplay trailer for their Kinect exclusive horror game Rise of Nightmares. During E3, we were able to get a hold of some gameplay and while it’s not the most intuitive game around, it’s really cool to see a developer trying some crazy things with Kinect.

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Wtf is this? This game looks horrible.

snipermk02465d ago (Edited 2465d ago )

Not only that but its a kinect exclusive? Kinect is aimed at kids and kids don't play horror games. So, in short, this title is probably gonna bomb.

I must say.. SEGA must really love shooting themselves in the foot.

Raven_Nomad2465d ago

Kinect isn't aimed at kids, that's just something idiots try to claim in order for themselves to feel better at how well it's selling.

I am definitely not a kid and own a Kinect. I enjoy it very much and have been waiting for titles like this and Project Draco, Steel Battalion, Gunstringer ect... Child Of Eden was fantastic on Kinect.

Tired of ignorant people hating on something they've never even tried.

I honestly thought after all the "Kinect will fail" articles here that the trolls wouldn't show their faces on every Kinect article, but I guess I was wrong.

Damn, I hear it all. "Kinect will never sell at $150" "Kinect will be the next 32x" "All Kinect games will be on rails"....

Well none of those things ended up being true....SMDH....

snipermk02465d ago

^^ tsk, tsk.. Take it easy son. Here, do u want a cookie? It might make u feel better. LOL

kingdoms2465d ago

Says Hitler to the .....

Dlacy13g2465d ago

I am hopeful that Sega might manage to refine the controls more prior to this games release. I heard mixed reactions at E3 on this game so we shall see. Regardless, this is the kind of game I want to see more developers take a chance with for Kinect.

2465d ago
nilamo2465d ago

Wtf this looks awesome to me, isn't this what you haters want? A hardcore kinect game?

FragMnTagM2465d ago

Looks interesting to me. Some people just cannot be pleased. Then again, some of them just love to troll on anything Kinect.

kazuma562465d ago

Kudos to Sega and Wow entertainment (AM1) for pushing kinect in a good way. This game reminds me the House of the dead games from Sega Am1

mark01922465d ago

The video doesn't work?

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