Player Affinity | What If Call of Duty Went Free to Play?

Player Affinity writes: The term "free-to-play" has mostly been used to describe lower-tier MMOs over the past few years, describing games which, while literally free to play, make a profit through micro-transactions and payments for more content. Now the shooter genre is dipping its toe into this genre, with both Battlefield and Ghost Recon starting new free-to-play online projects.

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zeal0us2585d ago (Edited 2585d ago )

Activision would find a way to get money
-Ecurrency to buy items(uniforms,guns,perks, and other equipment) from the cash shop
-Map Packs
-special rank for those who buy their ecurrency. Similar to the way that combat arms that give their buyers a special rank(copper,silver,gold), which lets them(buyers) into special rooms/servers which give the player increase money and exp for any game played on/in it(server/rom). Activision would probably offer cod points and exp in their special rank rooms/servers.

CS-er(cashoppers) only weapons/items/equipment would probably cost the game to have balance issues. The like many other mmos would probably poor security so in a matter months game would already have aimbotters and hackers in it.

At one time I thought I heard a cod mmo was coming but it would hit china first b4 coming to the us, maybe that was crytek mmo or ppl confusing COD:ELITE as a MMO.