How Street Fighter II changed the gaming industry

Street Fighter II has the honor of being one of the greatest fighting games ever. Just think about some of the things the game brought to gaming. Street Fighter II helped revitalize arcades, made fighting games popular, and helped spawn such games as Darkstalkers, Street Fighter IV, and Marvel vs series would have never been made. What would the world be without Street Fighter II?

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2409d ago
kube002409d ago

You might be right on those numbers. Glad you liked the article.

beast242tru2409d ago

one of the best fighting games ever i can still remember playing this on my super NES good times good times

Barajas_2012409d ago

i never liked a street fighter game lol, i think is obvious why..............

PS im not trolling okay :)

8bit_Nes_Rambo2409d ago

Ah, the obligatory butthurt MK kid rears his ugly head and in record time too. How does it feel to be the fan of a fourth tier joke of a fighting game like Mortal Kombat? Always in Tekken's, VF's and SF's shadow. Both critically and commercialy, Mk can't hold a candle to SF.

farhsa20082408d ago

Where did he mention MK, in fact now that you bring it up MK just going from this gen has destroyed SF, hope you keep supporting capcom with all their DLC milking btw.

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