Red Faction: Armageddon - A Castle Made Of Sand (Hooked Gamers)

you may feel understandably burned out when confronted with Red Faction: Armageddon; a third-person cover-shooter set on an arid Martian landscape populated with hordes of extraterrestrial foes to annihilate. After Red Faction: Guerrilla’s sandbox free-roaming its successor takes a decidedly more linear approach, following endless tunnels and caverns in much the same way Dead Space does corridors or Gears of War ruined streets.

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FragMnTagM2582d ago

I am just about done with the campaign on this, and I agree with this review. Everything is cool, until you realize the entire game is exactly the same. Go fetch this, go repair that, fight a horde of monsters here, and so on being boring as hell.

The only saving grace is the interesting ways to dispatch enemies and even that gets lame after a while.

With such a bad ass tech engine for destructible environments, I feel this game is worse than RFG.